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Superwoman women

14 May

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Poetry: Mommy Medicine

11 May

Mommy Medicine


Is the very cure

For getting better.

Her hugs, runs away any virus,

Flu or bug

Faster than any elixir

Is true healing in a kiss from her


On her lap

Is where the best naps are taken

It’s not so much about the tea

But who’s making it


A bowl of soup warms the inside

A loving mother warms up life


When life is cold


She comes wherever

No matter the hour

It’s in her hands

Her touch has power


I thank God for loving me

In all my remembering

My home remedy

Was always at home with me


A lecture on life’s lessons

Is easier digested

When wrapped up in a capsule of mommy medicine


It cannot be replaced

Duplicated in form or taste


With just one dose of motherly love

You start to get better


Mommy medicine cannot be bottled

Because it is special.