The Joys of Being Single

8 Aug

When you hear the word “single” the thing that might come to mind first is alone.

Alone isn’t necessary the case of a single lady.

Some of the elements of a single person:

> Body belongs to you: Once you master this, it’s powerful for your growth. That’s energy that can be geared towards something else.  Abstaining  means you have control. Control means you have power. Power means you are strong enough to make better decisions for YOURSELF.

> Your mind belongs to you: You are not constantly entertaining or thinking about someone thinking about you.

> You belong to you: escape the demands of titles and filling a role.

> Your immediate worries are first for yourself. When you wake up you can think about you. Then to everyone else after you’ve taken care of you. Everyone knows when you are in love, when you first wake up you are not the first person on your mind.

> Free heart. If you’ve been in love you think it’s the best feeling in the world. When you’re single you have the luxury of a free heart. When you can see couples on the street and smile and be happy for them, but are truly grateful for yourself, then you’ve really got it. (when holidays come around and in your moment of feeling alone, you think of the blessing in being single, you’ve got it.

> contentment: “but Godliness with contentment is great gain.”

> Happiness.  When you get passed the idea of being single is flossing, shopping every day, hanging out, and parties with friends, but still be genuinely happy.

The best thing about being single: There are specific details that I pinpointed of what I wanted in a mate and would not.   1.) Savior– I think a lot of men mess up going into a situation trying to be the superhero to impress the woman.  Maybe it’s a beautiful woman who looks like her situation can be a little bit better. Don’t play captain save em. In that you’ll find out if she’s also looking for a hero or a man. It’s helpful on both ends. 2.)Daddy. This is the guy that has experienced more and has all the answers and his conversation comes off more as preaching and fatherly than that of a boyfriend. This can be very annoying.  Talking down to the other person as if one party is less knowledgeable than the other serves for an awkward relationship. Find middle grounds and what works and stick to that.

Not accepting the captain save em mate, you’ll find out what he really has to offer.  Anything that can be bought comes with a receipt, therefore it can be returned, exchanged or replaced.

When you’ve spent enough time by yourself and have experienced a significant amount of growth you should find that all you want from another person is the person.


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