Poetry: Go Back

12 Aug

(A favorite piece)


Love stays on the heart
A while..
Time passes
It remains
So much to look forward to
Underneath all the pain
I’m still in love, as a matter of fact
I torture myself, to not go back
There was too much space and a time allotment
And I still can’t forget
About everything
I’m hardened to love in reverse
Too many years to rehearse
Just to never make the cut
And now I know what
This all means, that anything in back of me
Is right where it should be
I’m getting some things in tact
You can’t go forward going back
And plus
There’s the other stuff
I can’t allow those other women to have a chance to think
That because its the same man we are anywhere near on the same plank
That they hold a candle
Just because the man in the middle
Would settle for less
Instead of handling his business
Going back would boost their confidence, allow them to think they have some prominence,
To look at themselves next to me
And that just can’t be
Just in reality, if I let them believe that
Then I would hold the responsibility
And I don’t want to mislead
I’ve been delayed
But I wasn’t made
To go back where I’ve already been
In love with a man, to places and with friends
The past is just that
And sometimes it’s so hard not to,
But I can’t go back
You can walk faster and catch up
Not even sure if that’ll mean much
But the truth of the matter
And the matter of fact
Is that there aren’t many things good to look backwards to, so I just don’t go back


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