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My Son, his own person

18 Nov

phone droid 016(On the Dragon, at the Carnival)

October 1, 2012

When I have a moment to sit and think about how so many little things are packed in the time with my son, it makes my heart happy and reminds me how precious every moment is.

From going to church, to the store, to the playground, helping me prepare food or doing homework every moment ends up being more than what it is. He woke up this morning at 4am to end up watching a movie and eating a bowl of popcorn, while acting out the movie he was watching and terrorizing his cat Astro. Who eventually ends up showing Caleb that he’s not scared of him and starts chasing him through the house. And when I saw how torn up the place was I wanted to leave it just like that.

When making his favorite pepperoni pizza, he got to spread the pepperoni’s on the pizza, and I showed him how to while guiding him with my hand to cut the pizza with a pizza cutter.

My favorite moments are like those of which he believes, from his expressions, that a kitchen is my favorite place to be.  I made for him a batch of peanut butter cookies and spelled his name in one of them. When I asked him how did that happen? He said he didn’t know and something like the cookie was magic. To see his face stare at a plate full of cookies and him saying that he’ll only get one more, but end up getting 2 or 3 more, are the mommy moments that a mother live for.

I wish I could say his tantrums are as sweet as the cookie moments, but instead of reacting towards how he is acting, I found out that there is more underneath tantrums than misbehaving. There may be something to dig up, to listen to or just to comfort with love. Surely to teach there are other ways to handle the stresses that yes, even children have. In exercise, playing, sitting quietly, coloring, going out or reading. Are just some of the small but significant things we do. Then something I try to always allow him to see me doing is praying. If there is an ever a moment we forget our prayer before leaving out the house we stop on the stairs, or while we are riding to our destination.

Having the unique and God crafted blessing of engaging & bonding with a child during his development while in the womb and now through his present stages have been the greatest gift a mother could ask for. And I did ask. 010

I read somewhere you only become an expert at what you experience and grow in experience with. I’m over 6 years in and it’s just the beginning. When you have the blessing to watch, participate and encourage in people growing, up close it’s fun. It can be hard work but very well worth it . You will be forced to keep changing in growth or get left behind. Kids stretch your mind.

Since he’s been taking karate he thinks it’s funny when he asks me if I know karate and my response is no, “But I know Ka-razy.” Or when we’re out and I’ll ask him why he didn’t remind me to bring my hammer.

With Caleb the way to get him to settle down when I really don’t have the energy to jump off of something or play hide-n-seek in the house, is a comfy spot on the couch or pillows on the floor and books. He loves stories. Stories and music always help. He’s been reading the Captain Awesome chapter books for 3rd graders, but little kids like to read about what to look forward to. Caleb 6th bday 026 (This look inspired by Captain Awesome)

Having videotaped and photographed him since he was born, it’s great documentation and proof to look back over and see the growth in my son and myself. He is a good student and in his growth in 6 years I have realized that he possesses one of the qualities I hoped most for him, his own mind. He expresses his thoughts, feelings and concerns freely with me whether I have an answer for him right away. It keeps me on my toes and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m proud of him. My goal is to not take for granted his size and his life. Every moment is even more special to us.

6 years down, many more to go.