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Grapefruit, my favorite winter fruit

16 Dec


Finding the perfect grapefruit can be unexpected for me so when I do I treat it special.

I can’t just cut it into fours or just peel it and eat it.

First, I prefer the Ruby Red  or Pink grapefruit.

To really enjoy it there is a special way to prepare it.

And I do this by simply cutting it in two halves, from the side of the grapefruit. Where the inside of it will show lines that appear as a wheel.

With a small knife sharp enough to separate the inside from the skin connecting the fruit, I take the grapefruit hold it in one palm of my hand, and the knife to carefully trace the lines to loosen the inside of the fruit. Once one half is done you should be able to turn it upside down towards a bowl and most of it will fall out with the juices as well. You can use the knife or pull the remainder out.

Repeat with the other half and as many grapefruits as you’d like.

Finding the perfect grapefruit means I wouldn’t have to add anything to it. Because it would be already sweetened. However,grapefruit can be enjoyed with either salt or sugar, I prefer mine with sugar. What about you?


To read some nutritional facts about grapefruit.

In the Christmas Spirit ?

4 Dec

 christmas carols                                


In the Christmas Spirit?

If you are having a hard time getting there here are a few suggestions to help usher you into the spirit of Christmas!

Ø Listen to Holiday music if you feel like it or not. Leave it playing until you find yourself singing along while doing something routine.

Ø Drive through the neighborhoods as close to Christmas as possible, during an evening, so that you can see the different decoration. Although some people start to put their Christmas decor up as early as Thanksgiving.

Ø Watch a favorite holiday movie. Comical or classic.

Ø Go take a picture with Santa no matter your age

Ø Make a Christmas list. Buy gifts for yourself or exchange with a significant other.

Ø You have to put Christmas lights in the window. Just the idea of sharing something as little as decoration changes your mood.

Ø Flip through an old photo book of past Christmas memories, or look at videos.

Ø Countdown the days until Christmas with a calendar and a treat for each day. You can buy the ones already made or create it yourself.

Ø Watch Christmas movies by yourself or with children.

Ø Make Christmas cookies, cupcakes or cakes. You can buy Christmas shaped cake pans. Afterwards share with neighbors or family.

Ø Put up the Christmas tree together. Make a party of it or do it with your child/dren.

(Don’t forget the snacks)

Ø Learn how someone else celebrates the holiday.

Ø When the first snow of the season falls get out there in it, even if it’s a little. And if it’s a lot get a sled and find a hill. (Go as a group, a couple or solo.) Don’t forget to dress warm, and don’t forget the sled! If you can bring a container of hot water for hot chocolate, do that. You’ll need it.

Ø If you have children make Christmas decoration. With construction paper, glue, crayons and scissors.

Ø Buy reindeer antlers for your pets. Put them on sweaters and take them for walks. They’ll get all the attention.

Ø Make your way downtown to see the Christmas tree and take pictures.

Ø Go Ice Skating! There are skating rinks everywhere.

Ø Have a winter picnic. You may need a tent, and an outdoor fire pit you can buy one or build one with sticks. Roast simple food. Make it a family picnic or a picnic for two.

Ø For any Christmas party that you have or attend don’t forget to recommend Christmas song karaoke.

Ø Send off Christmas cards to loved ones and friends. Or pass out some to people on the streets. Make sure the kids sign their own names.