Grapefruit, my favorite winter fruit

16 Dec


Finding the perfect grapefruit can be unexpected for me so when I do I treat it special.

I can’t just cut it into fours or just peel it and eat it.

First, I prefer the Ruby Red  or Pink grapefruit.

To really enjoy it there is a special way to prepare it.

And I do this by simply cutting it in two halves, from the side of the grapefruit. Where the inside of it will show lines that appear as a wheel.

With a small knife sharp enough to separate the inside from the skin connecting the fruit, I take the grapefruit hold it in one palm of my hand, and the knife to carefully trace the lines to loosen the inside of the fruit. Once one half is done you should be able to turn it upside down towards a bowl and most of it will fall out with the juices as well. You can use the knife or pull the remainder out.

Repeat with the other half and as many grapefruits as you’d like.

Finding the perfect grapefruit means I wouldn’t have to add anything to it. Because it would be already sweetened. However,grapefruit can be enjoyed with either salt or sugar, I prefer mine with sugar. What about you?


To read some nutritional facts about grapefruit.


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