Poetry: Complete Love By Veronica M. Benson

16 Jan

The Love that is complete.


It’s secure in what it has

no matter the amount

strong and full and pure and real

starting at the small

willing to grow to it’s full

no matter the time

the errors, hardships, the battles

It wants to fight

and letting go is never a choice

It has it’s own voice

and speaks about it loudly, proudly

sometimes with no sound

It manages to bloom where there is no life, no color

in void, dark spaces of gray

this love will stay until

it sees that nothing will ever or can ever take it away

The only fight at the end

is to know that it cannot be killed

In love there is an undying breath

You get it once, one inhale of it

You’re forever in the middle of it’s grasps

In complete love,

with no doubt, and no looking for out

No hurt, no pain in between

the holding hands

It’s a complete love.

That will always be yours


The only room to grow is

to continually let love in more

Over and over again

It fills and spills out an overflow

that will never run out.

It’s automatic, it holds fast

and better than bread

it sticks to the ribs

you’ll love it, grab hold of it

there’s no differences in the weight, even when it gets heavy

than it was in the first year and after it reaches the sixth

When it’s complete love

so much of the little

is easy for you to look over it

you don’t notice it

Complete love.

I speak of it

I have it and I love it too much

to really know how much I love it

I’m hugging it, still touching it

while I miss it and can’t kiss it

when I want.

A complete love is kept in

rare and special hearts

from now until forevermore

It plays always

at least, this one part.

It fills that empty space that no one else

ever will

Life to death

this love is always, still.

It lives past death

and exchanges between spirits through breath.

Only in an undying belief of a rare heart is where it is kept.

It is complete.

Nothing can be added to it,

or taken away.


-Veronica M. Benson


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