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Valentine’s Day

7 Feb

Written Tuesday February 5, 2013

caleb cam 2 12 12 035   ( A picture from Valentine’s Day 2012)

I just finished watching Valentine’s Day the movie again and it’s not my first or second time seeing it. I usually just watch movies with good casting and storylines that can be told in a decent amount of time, more than once.

Valentine’s day, the day is coming up and I’m wondering what it will feel like seeing that I’ve shared it with someone every year since my high school years. Will I do the single thing? Will I hang out with someone for the day,  go out on a date or will I even think of it without being reminded?

The ideas of candy, stuffed animals, flowers, balloons, gifts going out to eat, romance, holding hands with someone while going to do something together can be a big deal. Though some of us might try to act like it’s not. I don’t want to be the promoter or the party pooper. I go for how I feel and share whatever experience I might have if I feel it could be useful.

Usually I’ve been the holiday celebrator. I get all into them and celebrate them. Why not? They are not everyday. No matter how I’ve tried to be steered, I think that energy is an important trait not to lose. Make the best of it on your own terms. After all holidays usually tend to be more about the people you are celebrating them with . If you refuse to buy into the way it’s been advertised maybe that works for you. The way something is advertised could change the way someone feels for the better like we say it does for worse.  The person that likes to get into the mood of the moment might be careful to not be around someone who does not if there is… conflict. Seems fair enough.

February is considered the month of Love. Probably for the reason that Valentine’s day is there.  Surely you can’t create love for the sake of one month, but it can however  be a starting point if you feel you are headed in the right direction. It can be.

I read in a book somewhere, that you have to “fake it, til you make it.” I believe this applies to how you feel everyday, situations in your life, and love if you believe in what you have but all of what you want is not quite there. Feels like everything is work, love should be automatic. It is, but it does require manual steering as well. So juice up your heart get the blood flowing and force your heart to feel love for someone or something. It’s a good feeling to love and not care whether you receive it back the way you might distribute it. 

If you are not sure what Love is…? Find out before diving in though. Yes, you have to do that first. It does come in many forms.