My Me Time

4 Jun

Going to get my nails done can be a treat for me. It’s even more of a treat when I get my nails, pedicure, and eyebrows done. Plus anything additionally I might want. Especially if I don’t go often. I guess I discovered that these simple luxuries aren’t a necessity. So when I do find myself sitting in someone’s spa waiting to get pampered, it may be well deserved. Otherwise I can do my nails myself.

It’s funny to me because I will treat myself to these things and go home just to clean and cook. Or think about doing something for someone else. Which is most likely to be the best part of me, my son. This let’s me know that when I’m not concerned about how I feel and am taken care of, it’s easier to be able to take care of someone else. However being a mom, I also found that we have no sick days. Those are usually in case our little ones need us. And we have to do our very best at taking care of them no matter how we feel.

I love being a single mother. Being single and being someone’s mother. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that! Not having another person immediately at my disposal means I have to work it out. Little boys don’t belong in hair salons and nail shops. I don’t think it’s the best idea for them to sit letting time pass in these kinds of places. That’s how I feel. So if I don’t have a sitter, I don’t go. Times I do my nails myself, I prefer that he’s not sitting in front of me watching. I might seem old-fashioned with this, but I rather me have to dig worms and climb trees than my boy child watching me polish my nails. Its going to be one way or the other with children. They’ll do what you want, or you’ll do what they want.
Neutral grounds are usually when I prepare my mind to have fun at Chuck E Cheeses or the playground.

Staying at home as a mother, I find that the best way to make sure that everybody wins is get up early and take care of the children first. Whether it be to make breakfast and home school or take your child to school. Easily you have time to do something for yourself when children are in school. When they are not, the work is in getting them up and active, early. So when they take their naps, it allows you enough time for yourself.

So it turns out that my me time is not all about me. Getting my hair and nails done feels nice after working hard and needing to relax, feeling being taken care of for the moment. It can almost feel like its owed to me, then I realize that I am not for myself like I once thought I was. My life is for my son. That’s my job as a single mother. And it’s work. Everyday.

I guess it’s nice to look at pretty polished nails while doing laundry and pedicured toes after stepping on toys in the floor; and to have hair bouncing while walking to the principal’s office.
These things are but small reminders that I never look like what I go through.
Mirrors help too.

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