12 Jun

My son and myself. We recently had a bike riding adventure on a bike with a tag along. I couldn’t go forward without looking back at him every chance I could. We got a lot of exercise this day. Walking, riding and playing. We stopped for snacks and even to read at the library. Since he was a baby I wanted to take him bike riding on one of those baby seats that sits behind the rider. He knew that I was guiding us, so it was safe to look around at everything else going on. This was a treat for me too. I love to hear how he tells me he did all the pedaling while I just sat there. Early that day I was teaching him how to ride his bike. And he did well. He catches on fast. I’m so proud of my son. For being smart and strong, but simply for being Caleb.

When we’re hanging around the house we play games like tic tac toe, hang man or board games. We watch movies and he shows me what he learned in Karate. Its a lot of little things that add up to be much more.

Things We Do!

Things We Do!

Me and my baby!

Me and my baby!


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