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2 Jul

I just wanted to take the time to really say thank you to everyone who visits my blogs. To those of you who leave comments, who read and are encouraged. I hope that you can come here and be inspired by something I post.
It’s sometimes so easy to forget how fast words are. Written or spoken, they can affect someone instantly.
I write from my personal experiences, from individuals or things that I may have witnessed or read about. So I do know that people are reading whether they say it or not.
I especially appreciate those who are following the blogs. That too inspires me to continue the one thing I enjoy doing, which is writing.
I must admit that because I have been doing it for most of my life, I hadn’t put much thought into the fact of writing for an audience. Until I learned that writing, no matter what it is about, will reach someone.

Don’t forget to check out my other blog at:

My other site giving more of the visual side of me.

See you here & there!

Thank you,


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