10 Jul

When I found out about this book it was through someone who is married and I was nowhere near to being anybody’s wife. How do I know? Because that was over 4 years ago and I am still single. Happily single I must say!

I went to the bookstore and I ended up buying it. I wasn’t sure why. As I read through the book and saw how it is designed, to show a wife how to pray for every area of a husband’s life, I eventually came to the conclusion that I could pray for my husband before we even entered into each other’s lives. Not in an obsessive manner, but in a way to add another individual to my prayers. That’s different right? The idea felt strange at first. But then I knew if I could pray for a stranger, how much more for someone I know. It opened me up in different ways. So, that’s what I used it for, since I had it on hand.

I like how the book breaks down every area of a man’s life. How each area needs to be prayed for specifically. Most importantly as it pertains to my life right now, I also learned how to use the same methods of praying for my son and myself. To pray, often and to be specific about those things I expect to see real changes in, that I know I can’t change myself. You’d be surprise to find out that could be anything.

It’s amazing how some things manifest into our lives. I think about that when I see this book on my shelf, being as single as I am. Over 4 years worth of single at that! And so far, this is where I want to be! LOL. I’m just patient. That’s all! 🙂

If I found it to be useful as a single woman, I thought it could surely be of value to those who are engaged, soon to be married or already married.

So, here you go!



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