Happy Birthday To Me

5 Aug

IMG-20130805-00606[1] PicStory-2013-08-05-10-59[1]



Today is my birthday and reflection throughout the past few days has given me new gift in memories connected to my life today.

This year last month marked the 3rd year of my son’s salvation date. His coming to Christ at his own will. I love that God did that for him. I also feel very blessed and humbled to know He could use me for such a purpose. What can’t I ask God for? I haven’t found anything yet. When he saved my son after I asked him, I knew for sure then that He could hear me.

I have this thing about numbers and special dates. One including my birthday. 7 years ago, I had a baby shower for my son on this very day. Thinking back, he was due a month later at the same time, so I thought it was the perfect day.

The irony in that is he was born 4 days earlier than the expected date. But the way things happened lead me to have the baby shower for him on my birthday. Today, I see that my life is revolved around him and whenever I feel pressured to do something other than give all of myself to raising him, I usually find that I am  fighting well, ME! My heart is dedicated to him and I know that’s the case for all mothers with their children,  as it very well should be . So I find it necessary to be reminded that there’s nothing wrong with that!!!

Moving on to the next level of life & growth, I can embrace this reality and work out everything else around it.

There’s a difference in getting older and growing older.
Happy Birthday to me! 

Singing:” I’m having a private party, wasn’t nobody here, but me, my Angel and his guitar saying ‘mommy look how far we’ve come.’ “
In case you were wondering why you didn’t get an invitation. 🙂



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