What Are You Reading?

10 Aug

IMG-20130810-00645 IMG-20130810-00646


There are at least two books that have my attention right now. One is right off the shelf of my very own book collection and the other available at your local library.

“Seven Soulful Secrets For Finding Your Purpose & Minding Your Mission” is a book that I’ve owned for years. After browsing through a bookstore I ran across this well-written book for women outlining steps to help you achieve a better you. In turn, leading you in the direction of finding your purpose.

I love books! And so does my son Caleb.

Many books have come and gone from my personal library, but this one remains. I never get tired of it and can refer to it no matter where I am in life.

The second, “The Midas Touch” by entrepreneurs Donald Trump & Robert T. Kiyosaki, was a book I borrowed out from the library, after being drawn in by the title. I am always interested in hearing how people use their knowledge to build businesses and make billions from it. If the information is available, why not, you’ll never know what could inspire and work for you as well.

Two very good reads for me so far!

What are you reading right now other than your social media news feeds? Let me know. And speaking of social media, you can find me on Facebook at:  facebook.com/vemichell

Talk to you soon!


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