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26 Sep


By Veronica M. Benson for Ve Michelle Writing Communications

© 2013

In the first picture: This was my favorite thing at UFC, I caught on to it fast. I’m looking forward to working on my moves. I always knew I had the inner boxer inside of me. After the boxing class, I found that it’s fun and requires a lot of energy. I’m ready! I really like the way it made my body feel/ 2nd pic: Me and Meghan a young lady that works at the gym/ 3rd pic: A picture with Carlos “King” Molina. You may remember him in a fight before the Mayweather fight/ 4th pic: Me with General Manager Tim Salama who was very nice + helpful! Thanks for your help. 5th pic: A picture with one of the trainers, Stacy. Who taught in a class I took. 4 days later & I’m still recovering and I workout! So the workout was intense. A change in pace, target & direction for my body! This may be what I’m looking for. I’ll see!

Pic 1: Dr. Jeremy Bonsol is a chiropractic care physician who gave massages to guests so he can diagnose issues they might be having with body pain or discomforts. Some of the things that we learn to deal with in our bodies, the tiniest pain may be more than a simple ache or pain & can be possibly treated through chiropractic massage therapy. The best investment one can ever make in themselves, is in health. I learned some interesting information here as well./ Pic 2: The punching bag portion of the workout I took part in. Hitting punching bags can really fatigue you and drain you of energy fast. It was fun for me, because I have so much energy in a day that I need to burn. Once you’ve been working out for a while, you have to find out what you need to take you to the next steps. Whether for changing your body or the intensity in your workout. Know your body. / Pic 3: Two representatives from Health Elements massage clinic who also offered 10 minute massages for guests taking classes at the gym. With 3 different massage therapy companies on board, some of the participants where able to get all 3, which meant they had received 30 minutes worth of free pampering. Check them out, both are located in downtown Chicago.



If you are looking for a gym that’s right for you, before you sign-up, take advantage of the free classes that most offer. You’ll be better to assess what you are looking for, what you’re trying to change and who is a better fit to help you get there. Because there are so many gyms and lots of them popping up all over the place, testing a few will help you to feel better about your choice once you decide.

Pic 1: Participants taking the boxing class with several trainers for different parts. This class was intense and required energy + stamina. Pic 2: Cecil, who is a member of the gym enjoys working out at the facility. Pic 3: Another member using the gym which also has access to different weight machines, treadmills, & your usual workout tools if you’re not boxing/  Pic 4: Men’s products and samples of other items including, a 5-hour energy formula & bio-freeze and more. Which can be found in stores such as Walgreen’s or GNC.

Exercising and taking care of your body is fun. You only get one of you! Better now than later.

Use today as the first day. Just make sure you start!

What Do You Know About Female Condoms? (FC2)

23 Sep

The Women’s awareness event took place September 19, 2013 at The Little Black Pearl in Hyde Park Chicago to bring awareness to the female condom. Also known as FC2. Global Female Condom   day was September 16th this year.

The FC2 is designed to fit, protect & provide women who are sexually active assurance in knowing that she has control in protecting her body.

The panel took questions from the women in the audience. There were videos shown to reach each woman in the way that she was comfortable learning or knowing more about female condoms.

As the presentation ended, comments and questions came easily, and there were many women who were learning about the product for the very first time.


Facts About The FC2:

> Female condoms warm up with a woman’s body, they are painless & don’t add any discomfort.

> Male condoms have been available since 1918. While female condoms are relatively new.

> For use: Female condoms can be inserted up to 8 hours before use.

> The FC2 is used for protection against pregnancy, HIV & other STI’s.

> Condoms for men and the FC2 cannot be used together at the same time. It may cause one or both of the condoms to break.

For more information visit some of the links mentioned on this post or Google.

Text: FC2 to 877877 to locate female condoms near you. Free, in centers or in drugstores.


Women's Awareness Event 9 19 13 004 

In this picture: Host Loni Swain of WGCI & a panel of women in different age groups including a high school senior available to inform and address questions from women of all age groups


Women's Awareness Event 9 19 13 007 

The panel showing how to use the FC2





Women's Awareness Event 9 19 13 2 004The website to vote for the videos that were shown at the event. The videos may be available for viewing as well.




 Women's Awareness Event 9 19 13 2 007

There are many centers that offer Free HIV testing and there may be one near you. Get tested! It’s always better to be completely sure.


Women's Awareness Event 9 19 13 2 002

Steps to using the FC2



Women's Awareness Event 9 19 13 2 001


Women's Awareness Event 9 19 13 2 003 (Things to Know about the Female Condom)



Women's Awareness Event 9 19 13 2 012

Gift bags provided for the attendees of the event included several FC2’s, male condoms, Mac make-up bag with Mac lip conditioner, lipstick & mirror. Cute! Plus more information on the condoms.

Women's Awareness Event 9 19 13 2 010




Women's Awareness Event 9 19 13 2 006

Female Condom (FC2)



(Me and a Mac member, Marlanie (Hope I spelled it right) she did my whole face. Great Job! This is a good look for me.


Women's Awareness Event 9 19 13 011 Women's Awareness Event 9 19 13 012

Wherever there is women, make-up, food and talking, we have a good time. Mac was so nice to do the make-up and make the ladies feel pretty!



Women's Awareness Event 9 19 13 006

Loni taking questions from the crowd


Women's Awareness Event 9 19 13 017

Guests & Panel



Women's Awareness Event 9 19 13 015 

Me and my friend, DJ Phantom from radio stations WGCI & V103, on the 1’s & 2’s.  He always plays good music!

Me & my girl Loni Swain


Women's Awareness Event 9 19 13 019

Ryan Singleton a writer with The Chicago Aids Foundation recording women’s voices saying different things about female condoms.


Women's Awareness Event 9 19 13 016

HIV testing took 20 minutes. The cotton swab procedure that takes place at most free HIV testing centers.


Women's Awareness Event 9 19 13 021

Loni Swain talking to a guest & a videographer


Women's Awareness Event 9 19 13 026

In the testing room with Cynthia Tucker from the Aids Foundation of Chicago



Women's Awareness Event 9 19 13 027

There’s always time for a picture of myself in the mirror

And it’s time to Go!


Good event, good information, met some good people + had a great time!

It’s always great to be in an environment where you can learn information about health and being healthy without judgment. Where the atmosphere is fun and comfortable for learning.

It was agreed at this event that women have to do better with educating each other without the pressures of negativity. Mothers, daughters, friends  or any two or more women that can educate each other on sexual health. Make the smarter choices, if you know you are sexually active. For the things you don’t know, find out. You never get too old to learn something new!

Education is empowering. Get empowered!


Veronica M. Benson

© 2013

Beat the norm & rise in the FALL!

22 Sep

FALL 2013 002


Summer is always the perfect season for everything it seems. The weather is more likely to be anywhere from 70 degrees and warmer, and activities are more plentiful plus easier to find.

Coming from the Summer’s fun and adventure, Fall can sometimes be a season of preparation for Winter’s colder weather which is bound to visit us days or weeks even before the seasons change again.

While you are sitting and waiting to see just how long the nicer weather of Autumn days are going to last, don’t miss the opportunity to get out there and enjoy it. Here are some tips for having an enjoyable Fall season:

1.) Put away the winter coats. It’s not quite that cold yet. On days that it may get cooler than others, don’t tell yourself it’s “freezing” outside. Dress for the weather but don’t overdo it.

2.) Let the season’s change, don’t let them change you. Summer’s gone for now, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop doing everything you were because the weather was warmer then.

3.) Didn’t get a chance to start your outside aerobics & running? Fall is a great time to begin! It can be much more comfortable to run while the weather isn’t so hot. (As it gets colder add a scarf, a scull cap and a thin pair of gloves. You’ll sweat but at least you won’t have to worry about getting sick.)

4.) Your body really likes cool weather. At least mine does. Try to face the cool weather instead of bundling up away from it all the time. It helps with decreasing body fat and if you’ve tried washing your face over a period of time with cold water (ice cold water) you’d see your skin’s appearance looking brighter and more favorable.

5.) Experts say that it takes a consistent 21 days to make a habit of something. You are guaranteed at least 21 good Fall days. Keep track. And make good habits!

6.) Be open minded, open to learning and trying different things. Don’t close yourself inside of a box. Whenever you feel like you are not doing something because of a reason or season, and it’s something that you have control over, change your own thinking.

7.) Be your own forecaster. Go out into weather yourself and plan your days based on what you want to do. If there are no inklings of a snow storm, be free!

8.) There is plenty to do with the little people. Kids like adventure, their imaginations are open to exploring and you can make fun of most activities with them. It might require a push for you……which is, getting on their level of creativity and you must, ENGAGE!

9.) Try not to turn the heat on too fast. Add more clothing first. When you go out not overdressed, you’ll feel just how cozy your home already is when you return, without adding heat.

10.) Work hard maybe even harder depending on where you are now, because Summer will be back next year!


-Veronica M. Benson for Ve Michelle Writing Communications

© 2013

Kindred The Family Soul in Chicago!

22 Sep


By Veronica Benson

Kindred Family Soul rocked the house Friday September 6, 2013 at The Shrine in Chicago as they performed live on stage singing songs from their latest works Including “Magic Happen” and some of their hits from years ago like “Stars.”

They kept the audience dancing as the husband & wife duet sang in dedication of the love that they have for each other. Reflecting that it’s real in private and in performance.  While in Chicago they were celebrating their 15th year anniversary. 

They had been in Chicago more frequently, for recent performances. This time they brought with them, Bilal who gave a very colorful performance, Teedra Moses who captured the audience’s attention & ears and the talented Dwele who was pleasant to meet in person as well as watch.

(All photos of this event available

The artists all took the stage together in the end singing classic songs giving an audience who likes a good time and good music something to take home with them. 

432 Group put together a great lineup of talent and promoted the event attracting the right crowd of people, creating the ideal atmosphere for good-timing folk.

For the future of events at the Shrine the schedule is as follows:

September 27th, Jeremih

October 11th, KRS ONE

Nov 1st, 90’s Theme Costume Party w/ performance by Slick Rick




Chicago Sky’s September 11th Game

19 Sep

By Veronica M. Benson


(photography by Veronica M. Benson)


The Chicago Sky’s women basketball team faced Arizona Phoenix’s Mercury on the historical day of September 11, 2013.

Before the game began there was a moment of silence in recognition to all of those who were affected by the tragedy 12 years ago.

There was much excitement in the All State Arena with a crowd of over 6,000 as this was one of the games leading up to the Playoffs for the Chicago Sky. The audience was live and in full affect, cheering on the ladies of the team.

10 minutes per quarter, by the end of the 1st half Phoenix had scored a total of 40 points. 21 for the 1st quarter & 19 for the 2nd. The Chicago Sky with 36 points. 18 for the 1st & 2nd quarters. The biggest team lead by the end of the 1st half was Phoenix’s 8 pts to Chicago’s 1. With the leads changing and being tied twice.

Epiphany Prince #10 of The Chicago Sky was a leading scorer for the team with 14 points by the end of the 1st half. Sylvia Fowles with 10 pts and Elena Delle Donne with 8.

The Mercury ladies had the lead for most of the game with the Chicago Sky trailing closely behind.


IMG-20130911-01157[1] (Photography by Veronica M. Benson)

Leading scorers for Phoenix by the middle of the 3rd quarter were #4 Candice Dupree with 13 pts, #24 Dewanna Bonner with 12 pts & #15 Briana Gilbreath with 9 pts. Each averaging over 20 minutes of playtime.

The half-time performances were lead by the women’s dance team, the “Luvabulls” and the Chicago IncrediBulls. Benny the Bull & The Chicago Sky Guy mascot were always on the scene for entertainment, pictures & also took part in the basketball stunts with the Incredibulls.

Down to the last moments of the the 4th quarter. With the game being tied after Epiphany Prince & Courtney Vandersloot of the Sky each scoring 1 of 2 foul line shots, ties the game to 68 pts, with :05.8 left on the clock. As the time winds down Elena Delle Donne takes the game winning shot for the Sky just seconds before the buzzer on the game clock.

A game that appeared to be headed for overtime becomes a victory for The Chicago Sky.

Post game Q&A Chicago Sky’s Sylvia Fowles talked about the MVP title and joining Twitter. She said “there was no push for MVP” and in a humorous manner, said “she was forced to join Twitter.” The morning of this game being the third time she had used the social media site.

Rookie Elena Delle Donne standing at a towering 6’5’ spoke with humility about being a possible MVP prospect, the playoffs & the shot she’d taken that won the game.

Be sure to check out the Chicago Sky during the playoff season!


(Photography by Veronica M. Benson for VeMichelle Writing Communications © 2013)

Marques Houston is ‘Famous!’

13 Sep




I met & talked to former lead singer of the high-demand boy band group,  Immature & IMX.

Very well into his solo career, Marques Houston was as charming, adorable & pleasant as you probably imagine him to be.

I was a fan of the boy band, but as I got older my love and attraction became neutral. Maybe the lack of him in my life was to blame, so it seems…. After having the little girl infatuation for him as Batman in the group Immature all of those years, it may have come to the point for MH and I to take our love to another level.

When I heard he was in town, I knew right away that I would be going to the event. I didn’t need to decide on feelings to know that much. Factoring in everything else as well, I knew it would be good to see him. And, before I got to the event, I also knew I would be meeting him & taking pictures with him. (smile)

The timing was perfect. The night before I attended an event featuring Kindred The Family Soul, Bilal, Teedra Moses & Dwele. Where there was a meet and greet; I hung with the artists and introduced my work and exchanged information.

The very next night it was Marques Houston & me. That’s the way it felt during the time we talked and took pictures.

After pictures & talking, it felt like that wasn’t enough. So with me being me I decided I was going back for a KISS.

And sure enough we kissed! That’s right, I felt his “famous” lips on my cheek. But not before I blessed him with one first from my perfectly glossed lips to leave the impression of them on his adorable face, if only for the rest of the night.

We said “God Bless You” to each other and said our goodbye’s, for now….. feels like part one of a journey that will lead to lasting connections & a wonderful writing adventure. From meet & greets to exclusive interviews. If you’re reading and following this blog, stay tuned!

It’s something to look forward to in the world of writing.

Furthermore, Marques Houston’s new album “Famous” was recently released and he gave out sample CD’s while at The Mask nightclub in Chicago, September 7, 2013.

He hung out in the DJ booth for a few appearances and song introductions. Then spent the rest of the night in VIP, relaxing, enjoying the music and with his phone in his hand.

What’s he like? Well, right away I noticed that his demeanor is very relaxed and cool. While he has a warm and gentle presence and approach.

His body is just as firm as it appears in all of his photos that he has no shame in taking without a shirt on. 

Being Marques Houston, you can do that!

He can sing his heart out over the perfect melodies of music and knows just the words to sing to feel on the hearts and minds of his female fan base.

Like he does on his knew album “Famous” that features irresistible hits “Famous”  which is a favorite of mine. It reminds me of great wording and songwriting that I heard in a previous hit of MH’s titled “Naked.” Of course you remember that song.

This album also includes “Only You” sampled from the popular Marvin Gaye song “Sexual Healing.”  Along with  “The Way Love Is,” that talks about all the difficulties and desires that goes with the territory of love.

You’ll also fall in love with “Fly Away,” “Give Your Love A Try featuring (Problem),”  “Lifetime”, & “Leaving My Girl For You.”

His voice is ear candy by itself & with each song played after the next is a perfectly sewn together blend of music, that grabs your heart and attention.

All from his latest project “Famous.”

It’s in stores & on Itunes now!

It’s a must have!

Make sure you get yours!


As for Mr. Marques Houston!

Until next time.

Looking forward to talking and to you making me “FAMOUS!”

Adam Rodriguez

9 Sep


When you see the face, you can’t help but want to know the name, if you already don’t… That says much about the talented, hard-working and only beautiful actor Adam Rodriguez!

Born in Yonkers New York Adam Rodriguez is known for his appearances in film & TV but has succeeded in being able to be loudly silent while doing so. His presence speaks much louder than he ever needs to.

Adam Michael Rodriguez is Puerto Rican and celebrated his 38th birthday this year in April. His swag is smooth and charming, also humble and gorgeous. Adam’s appearance is one of a younger man and his physique always appears as fresh from the gym and carries himself as one that is aware of his good looks.

Adam was born April 2, 1975 and has a track record full of acting gigs that exudes his eagerness to be consistent in his career.

The most recent work I’ve watched Adam in was Magic Mike. I didn’t get to catch it in theaters, but I was hesitant in renting it because of my lack of Hollywood entertainment movie updates at the time, I wasn’t sure what the movie was about. When I did, I was more than pleased by his performance.  Even in a movie such as Magic Mike, he has this natural innocence that he can never seem to get rid of. Although he did an incredible job of fulfilling the role of his character Tito, in the film.

My eyes were opened, needless to say while watching this movie starring Adam Rodriguez alongside others including Channing Tatum.

Adam’s person, his true character seems to shine through the roles that he performs. Which reflects as one that’s down to earth & a free and joyful spirit. Also someone that tries his best to make the most of each on camera experience.

Some of the popular shows you may have seen him in are, NYPD Blue, Law & Order, CSI Miami in his recurring role as Eric Delko, Ugly Betty, Necessary Roughness and currently the Goodwin Games. Although his resume outlines more of his work. (which can be found at

Outside of his police and adult entertainment roles, Adam has also made use of his talent by appealing to his younger audience while starring in shows such as Kim Possible (2005) as Burn Burnham & Sesame Street as Detective Alphie Betts (2011).

One of Adam’s greatest performance so far was as Sandino Ramirez in the film by Tyler Perry, “I Can Do Bad All By Myself.” During the filming production of this movie the entire cast and production team had to adjust their schedules to accommodate Adam’s schedule so that he could appear in this movie. In other words, there was no one else who could fulfill this role but him.

When you think about talent, that’s an incredible characteristic to have. Everybody had to work around Adam so that he could appear in this movie. Based on his performance, it was necessary for those changes to take place, so that he could give the incredible performance that he delivered.

This was my first time seeing him and knowing who Adam Rodriguez is. Since then I have not seen another male actor that catches my eye quite like he does.

Adam is also expanding his talent into writing, directing and producing as he has done on CSI Miami.

It appears that even with the experience that he has and the work that he has already appeared in, Adam Rodriguez is just getting started.

He’s young, good-looking and single. On the topic of fatherhood, Adam mentions that this is one of the most important roles that he looks forward to being in that he hasn’t already. He is not married and has not expressed himself to be in any serious relationships, or any for that matter.

With the face and body and humility of the perfect fairytale prince, Adam Rodriguez has the qualifications to the idea of every single woman’s dream come true.

I am looking forward to following his career and the future of the multi-talented Adam Rodriguez.

-Veronica M. Benson