Adam Rodriguez

9 Sep


When you see the face, you can’t help but want to know the name, if you already don’t… That says much about the talented, hard-working and only beautiful actor Adam Rodriguez!

Born in Yonkers New York Adam Rodriguez is known for his appearances in film & TV but has succeeded in being able to be loudly silent while doing so. His presence speaks much louder than he ever needs to.

Adam Michael Rodriguez is Puerto Rican and celebrated his 38th birthday this year in April. His swag is smooth and charming, also humble and gorgeous. Adam’s appearance is one of a younger man and his physique always appears as fresh from the gym and carries himself as one that is aware of his good looks.

Adam was born April 2, 1975 and has a track record full of acting gigs that exudes his eagerness to be consistent in his career.

The most recent work I’ve watched Adam in was Magic Mike. I didn’t get to catch it in theaters, but I was hesitant in renting it because of my lack of Hollywood entertainment movie updates at the time, I wasn’t sure what the movie was about. When I did, I was more than pleased by his performance.  Even in a movie such as Magic Mike, he has this natural innocence that he can never seem to get rid of. Although he did an incredible job of fulfilling the role of his character Tito, in the film.

My eyes were opened, needless to say while watching this movie starring Adam Rodriguez alongside others including Channing Tatum.

Adam’s person, his true character seems to shine through the roles that he performs. Which reflects as one that’s down to earth & a free and joyful spirit. Also someone that tries his best to make the most of each on camera experience.

Some of the popular shows you may have seen him in are, NYPD Blue, Law & Order, CSI Miami in his recurring role as Eric Delko, Ugly Betty, Necessary Roughness and currently the Goodwin Games. Although his resume outlines more of his work. (which can be found at

Outside of his police and adult entertainment roles, Adam has also made use of his talent by appealing to his younger audience while starring in shows such as Kim Possible (2005) as Burn Burnham & Sesame Street as Detective Alphie Betts (2011).

One of Adam’s greatest performance so far was as Sandino Ramirez in the film by Tyler Perry, “I Can Do Bad All By Myself.” During the filming production of this movie the entire cast and production team had to adjust their schedules to accommodate Adam’s schedule so that he could appear in this movie. In other words, there was no one else who could fulfill this role but him.

When you think about talent, that’s an incredible characteristic to have. Everybody had to work around Adam so that he could appear in this movie. Based on his performance, it was necessary for those changes to take place, so that he could give the incredible performance that he delivered.

This was my first time seeing him and knowing who Adam Rodriguez is. Since then I have not seen another male actor that catches my eye quite like he does.

Adam is also expanding his talent into writing, directing and producing as he has done on CSI Miami.

It appears that even with the experience that he has and the work that he has already appeared in, Adam Rodriguez is just getting started.

He’s young, good-looking and single. On the topic of fatherhood, Adam mentions that this is one of the most important roles that he looks forward to being in that he hasn’t already. He is not married and has not expressed himself to be in any serious relationships, or any for that matter.

With the face and body and humility of the perfect fairytale prince, Adam Rodriguez has the qualifications to the idea of every single woman’s dream come true.

I am looking forward to following his career and the future of the multi-talented Adam Rodriguez.

-Veronica M. Benson


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