Marques Houston is ‘Famous!’

13 Sep




I met & talked to former lead singer of the high-demand boy band group,  Immature & IMX.

Very well into his solo career, Marques Houston was as charming, adorable & pleasant as you probably imagine him to be.

I was a fan of the boy band, but as I got older my love and attraction became neutral. Maybe the lack of him in my life was to blame, so it seems…. After having the little girl infatuation for him as Batman in the group Immature all of those years, it may have come to the point for MH and I to take our love to another level.

When I heard he was in town, I knew right away that I would be going to the event. I didn’t need to decide on feelings to know that much. Factoring in everything else as well, I knew it would be good to see him. And, before I got to the event, I also knew I would be meeting him & taking pictures with him. (smile)

The timing was perfect. The night before I attended an event featuring Kindred The Family Soul, Bilal, Teedra Moses & Dwele. Where there was a meet and greet; I hung with the artists and introduced my work and exchanged information.

The very next night it was Marques Houston & me. That’s the way it felt during the time we talked and took pictures.

After pictures & talking, it felt like that wasn’t enough. So with me being me I decided I was going back for a KISS.

And sure enough we kissed! That’s right, I felt his “famous” lips on my cheek. But not before I blessed him with one first from my perfectly glossed lips to leave the impression of them on his adorable face, if only for the rest of the night.

We said “God Bless You” to each other and said our goodbye’s, for now….. feels like part one of a journey that will lead to lasting connections & a wonderful writing adventure. From meet & greets to exclusive interviews. If you’re reading and following this blog, stay tuned!

It’s something to look forward to in the world of writing.

Furthermore, Marques Houston’s new album “Famous” was recently released and he gave out sample CD’s while at The Mask nightclub in Chicago, September 7, 2013.

He hung out in the DJ booth for a few appearances and song introductions. Then spent the rest of the night in VIP, relaxing, enjoying the music and with his phone in his hand.

What’s he like? Well, right away I noticed that his demeanor is very relaxed and cool. While he has a warm and gentle presence and approach.

His body is just as firm as it appears in all of his photos that he has no shame in taking without a shirt on. 

Being Marques Houston, you can do that!

He can sing his heart out over the perfect melodies of music and knows just the words to sing to feel on the hearts and minds of his female fan base.

Like he does on his knew album “Famous” that features irresistible hits “Famous”  which is a favorite of mine. It reminds me of great wording and songwriting that I heard in a previous hit of MH’s titled “Naked.” Of course you remember that song.

This album also includes “Only You” sampled from the popular Marvin Gaye song “Sexual Healing.”  Along with  “The Way Love Is,” that talks about all the difficulties and desires that goes with the territory of love.

You’ll also fall in love with “Fly Away,” “Give Your Love A Try featuring (Problem),”  “Lifetime”, & “Leaving My Girl For You.”

His voice is ear candy by itself & with each song played after the next is a perfectly sewn together blend of music, that grabs your heart and attention.

All from his latest project “Famous.”

It’s in stores & on Itunes now!

It’s a must have!

Make sure you get yours!


As for Mr. Marques Houston!

Until next time.

Looking forward to talking and to you making me “FAMOUS!”


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