Beat the norm & rise in the FALL!

22 Sep

FALL 2013 002


Summer is always the perfect season for everything it seems. The weather is more likely to be anywhere from 70 degrees and warmer, and activities are more plentiful plus easier to find.

Coming from the Summer’s fun and adventure, Fall can sometimes be a season of preparation for Winter’s colder weather which is bound to visit us days or weeks even before the seasons change again.

While you are sitting and waiting to see just how long the nicer weather of Autumn days are going to last, don’t miss the opportunity to get out there and enjoy it. Here are some tips for having an enjoyable Fall season:

1.) Put away the winter coats. It’s not quite that cold yet. On days that it may get cooler than others, don’t tell yourself it’s “freezing” outside. Dress for the weather but don’t overdo it.

2.) Let the season’s change, don’t let them change you. Summer’s gone for now, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop doing everything you were because the weather was warmer then.

3.) Didn’t get a chance to start your outside aerobics & running? Fall is a great time to begin! It can be much more comfortable to run while the weather isn’t so hot. (As it gets colder add a scarf, a scull cap and a thin pair of gloves. You’ll sweat but at least you won’t have to worry about getting sick.)

4.) Your body really likes cool weather. At least mine does. Try to face the cool weather instead of bundling up away from it all the time. It helps with decreasing body fat and if you’ve tried washing your face over a period of time with cold water (ice cold water) you’d see your skin’s appearance looking brighter and more favorable.

5.) Experts say that it takes a consistent 21 days to make a habit of something. You are guaranteed at least 21 good Fall days. Keep track. And make good habits!

6.) Be open minded, open to learning and trying different things. Don’t close yourself inside of a box. Whenever you feel like you are not doing something because of a reason or season, and it’s something that you have control over, change your own thinking.

7.) Be your own forecaster. Go out into weather yourself and plan your days based on what you want to do. If there are no inklings of a snow storm, be free!

8.) There is plenty to do with the little people. Kids like adventure, their imaginations are open to exploring and you can make fun of most activities with them. It might require a push for you……which is, getting on their level of creativity and you must, ENGAGE!

9.) Try not to turn the heat on too fast. Add more clothing first. When you go out not overdressed, you’ll feel just how cozy your home already is when you return, without adding heat.

10.) Work hard maybe even harder depending on where you are now, because Summer will be back next year!


-Veronica M. Benson for Ve Michelle Writing Communications

© 2013


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