26 Sep


By Veronica M. Benson for Ve Michelle Writing Communications

© 2013

In the first picture: This was my favorite thing at UFC, I caught on to it fast. I’m looking forward to working on my moves. I always knew I had the inner boxer inside of me. After the boxing class, I found that it’s fun and requires a lot of energy. I’m ready! I really like the way it made my body feel/ 2nd pic: Me and Meghan a young lady that works at the gym/ 3rd pic: A picture with Carlos “King” Molina. You may remember him in a fight before the Mayweather fight/ 4th pic: Me with General Manager Tim Salama who was very nice + helpful! Thanks for your help. 5th pic: A picture with one of the trainers, Stacy. Who taught in a class I took. 4 days later & I’m still recovering and I workout! So the workout was intense. A change in pace, target & direction for my body! This may be what I’m looking for. I’ll see!

Pic 1: Dr. Jeremy Bonsol is a chiropractic care physician who gave massages to guests so he can diagnose issues they might be having with body pain or discomforts. Some of the things that we learn to deal with in our bodies, the tiniest pain may be more than a simple ache or pain & can be possibly treated through chiropractic massage therapy. The best investment one can ever make in themselves, is in health. I learned some interesting information here as well./ Pic 2: The punching bag portion of the workout I took part in. Hitting punching bags can really fatigue you and drain you of energy fast. It was fun for me, because I have so much energy in a day that I need to burn. Once you’ve been working out for a while, you have to find out what you need to take you to the next steps. Whether for changing your body or the intensity in your workout. Know your body. / Pic 3: Two representatives from Health Elements massage clinic who also offered 10 minute massages for guests taking classes at the gym. With 3 different massage therapy companies on board, some of the participants where able to get all 3, which meant they had received 30 minutes worth of free pampering. Check them out, both are located in downtown Chicago.



If you are looking for a gym that’s right for you, before you sign-up, take advantage of the free classes that most offer. You’ll be better to assess what you are looking for, what you’re trying to change and who is a better fit to help you get there. Because there are so many gyms and lots of them popping up all over the place, testing a few will help you to feel better about your choice once you decide.

Pic 1: Participants taking the boxing class with several trainers for different parts. This class was intense and required energy + stamina. Pic 2: Cecil, who is a member of the gym enjoys working out at the facility. Pic 3: Another member using the gym which also has access to different weight machines, treadmills, & your usual workout tools if you’re not boxing/  Pic 4: Men’s products and samples of other items including, a 5-hour energy formula & bio-freeze and more. Which can be found in stores such as Walgreen’s or GNC.

Exercising and taking care of your body is fun. You only get one of you! Better now than later.

Use today as the first day. Just make sure you start!


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