I woke up this morning feeling like I could run a Marathon, so I did!

11 Oct

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10/12/2011 4:23p.m.

On Sunday October 9, 2011 I ran my very first marathon. The Chicago Marathon. It was a lot more than I expected being a first. I had no idea what I was in for when I started. More interesting than that was I didn’t even expect that I would be running a marathon. It was all by surprise. I saw a crowd of people running down the street, then something urged me to join in. So when I did, my son and me, I figured I would only go a little way, more than what I would usually run and then that would be it. But every mark I met I felt like I could go a little further.

Along the way the cheering onlookers, cheerleaders and race aids were very helpful. They encouraged the marathoners, plus there were teams of people a 1/2 mile or so apart with water, Gatorade, and energy shots. Then there were the snack people handing out pretzels and bananas and other fruit that provided energy to go on.

Running with a child at the pace that he walks was another challenge in itself. When I wanted to go faster I couldn’t. Helping me to remember to stay paced. (to take it in) It’s no rush. And simply because I was nowhere near the end. :)

Plus he really enjoyed the snacking part.

He got a lot of cheers for doing as well as he was. Being that anything over 2 or 3 miles might be considered an achievement, especially for a walking child. I was very proud of him. And I personally cheered him on along the way.

I wish I could say we went through the entire race nonstop like a scene from a movie, but there were several breaks. At one point I came to grasps with finishing, and that would be enough for me, right now.

Nearing the end of the race when I could hear the famous musical score from the movie Rocky, I got excited for myself and realized what I had done.

Up the path on Roosevelt then around the corner on Columbus Drive was a huge sign that read “FINISH” glaring in my eyesight. I couldn’t look at anything else at that moment. As I was running towards it, with the sounds of people applauding on both sides of me, I’m sure some looking in amazement (at a child in a marathon, and the fact that I had him with me, walking).  I started to feel like something else was going on here .

At the end when I stood across the finish line, while the medallion holder insisted twice for me to come by her to receive a medal, an unregistered runner, clearly without a number. While other people’s causes for running were clear on their number tags my purpose I presume was clear. As my “red” Gap shirt read I was “INSPI(RED).” I was running because I was inspired, and apparently to inspire.

As she put the medal around my neck I knew that God was speaking to me. Letting me know that the race I was running in this particular time and place in my life was over. I was finish. It wasn’t because of top of the game athleticism or because I had been running during the Spring/ Summer that guided me to this race, but the spirit of God with an important message.

I can remember not even liking to run, but when I see the results that came with it, and the circumstances under which I had to run, every time with my son, it helped me to work harder. To use the slower pace to work my thighs and stomach more.

The message to me was clear: Before you did it because you had to do it, now you’ll do it because you can. When God inspires you and then works with you directly from Him to you, it feels very special. It’s not always easy, but being pursued like that and the attention makes me feel worth more than I can explain.
I complained and said I wasn’t going to do it sometimes, but the hard times (discipline) was all for the greater good for me. When you get where you wanted to go, want more. When dreams come true, dream some more, dream again. When you meet accomplishments, aim even higher.

In anything in life, the good thing about running is that you have to start walking. Whether you’re physically running, or running a business. Don’t be mad at walking. You have to start somewhere.

Many women while I was running were inspired. Even when I’m just running down the street. During the race a lady mentioned how I had inspired a friend of hers watching too. And I thought, I didn’t have to say anything and somebody was inspired. Then I realized, sometimes it’s not always your mouth that God is looking to use and speak through, but your life.

Some tips for running:

The key to running anywhere and anytime is to dress for it. This is a personal technique of mine. And that doesn’t mean hardcore race gear. Sweats, a light shirt and gym shoes. Wherever there is ground you can walk and run. Also depending on the weather. There is a way to run in every season, only if you want to.

Travel lightly, keys that clip on to your clothes and a small wallet if you think you will stop while you are out. Don’t buy anything counterproductive to the results you want. Even if you are not there yet. Habits make a big deal when it comes to getting results. And some of them need to be broken. To help avoid the temptation it might be better to leave money and debit cards at home. So you can stay focus.

Be positive, don’t let hard times and hard spots discourage you. Whenever you slack off, just get back. Every time. Don’t have a pity party with food.

You can do exercises at home. Learn from the gym, if you go and do the homework. Do a little bit everyday.  Whenever you have time work on something.

Don’t need somebody else to get started and to continue. Start by walking and adding a little more each time. Don’t overdo it the first time so that you don’t ever want to go back.

A main issue for women is worrying about who’s watching and looking at them. Some people smile, some will roll their eyes, the key is to smile anyway and keep moving.

Whenever you find excuses or “reasons” not to, or simply why you can’t, let your feet start moving you until your mind catches up.


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