Fall “In Love” with poetry

23 Oct

By Veronica M. Benson

“The Beginning: Love Dreams”



I looked into your face & there was the quiet, loving appearance, the presence & reflection of me. Of peace.

The noise in my life today didn’t exist for the moments I was in the same air as you

Nothing else mattered or distracted me from the love I know is inside of me.

I saw you.

It was only you & only me there

Everyday is a constant battle & the only beat, need in my heart is to have you.

Everyday I have to fight & be something that’s not quite

what I am,

And having you that close to my heart

Not being able to keep you in my arms

Let’s me know, that God is still holding on, to me

You & I at this moment

was only a glimpse

of what we’re destined to be

Years with you in my heart, you in my mind

To be face to face

to tell you “I Love You” & see your smile

I was your baby

& it wasn’t because of what the night made me

You are my dream, right before my eyes

These things only happen in dreams

& never come true

but that’s the only way I see it for me

I love you from my soul;

I was created to love you

passed how far love goes


You pulled me close to you,

your hand around my waist

With love, In Love

Our bodies combined as one

Together, no space.


I’m the woman you dream,

the woman you need

You & I, I see power

There is an agreement, heaven sealed when we touched

A very special hour

My heart fails me,

just when it feels it would give up

The sun shined differently, I was blessed, anointed, favored passed any luck

Too many words to tell you,

that I couldn’t say much

I wondered about you

many years, many days, many times before I got to see you in love.

I’ll keep you and need you

There is a day and time that my belief will guide me to be with you.

We are written in God’s every design. In words, in numbers, in life’s trial and triumph.

Many have known & God will have it no other way

That true love blossoms from as little as a baby

& you get it when you’re grown

I’ve put in on us since I discovered life, dreaming are meant to be connected

With you I discovered, I found that our love is still being perfected

Love will give our connection, every second, back that we were disconnected. Moving to me & towards you in the endlessness of a special blessing.

You are the man, the dream I saw, that I grew from a girl to a woman with.

With God constantly shaping me & directing me

He knew that nothing would get in the way

of you and me being together that day

You & me. Many never believe, until they see

When we are, finally,

The world will shift,

It will spin,





Written Especially for Love. The Love that you pray about.



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