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Best Man Holiday

27 Nov

By Veronica M. Benson

The attractive & talented cast of The Best Man returns for the sequel to the star-studded all black line-up of the first hit movie.

The movie has excelled way beyond expectation for it’s box office numbers. Best Man Holiday is a well crafted movie from scene to scene taking you on an emotional ride throughout the movie and never losing touch with the realities of real black people who exist in the black community.  Who seem to never be the first thought of African American culture when it comes to dealing with blacks in the media. Including film.

Aside from the movie being well written, you can’t ignore the  spread of beautiful black actors. Morris Chestnut, as the lead for the men starring as Lance Sullivan, the handsome and successful football athlete who has not only aged well but appears to have it all. Alongside Taye Diggs, as Morris Chestnut’s best man from the original movie. Also Terrance Howard, who holds it down for the light-skinned brothers as the comedian of the group.

For the ladies there is Sanaa Lathan, Nia long, Monica Calhoun and Regina Hall in representation of beautiful, family-oriented black women,  who aren’t altogether as closely bonded as the men, but nevertheless successfully portray the image of black girlfriends. 

Best Man Holiday is the perfect start to your holiday season. It makes you feel everything a movie about life should. God, health, success, failure, family, friendship, togetherness, healing, forgiveness and happiness.  Just in time for the holidays this is the movie that you would tell friends about after you seen it and join each friend as they go to watch it for the first time.  For every weekend that is coming up throughout the holidays, Thanksgiving through New Year’s, be sure to encourage someone to go and see “Best Man Holiday.” There’s laughter and tears, more laughter and tears, but it’s a movie very well worth the ride. *


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Written by Veronica M. Benson for Ve Michelle Writing Communications © 2013


19 Nov

By Veronica M. Benson for Ve Michelle Writing Communications  © 2013


Your eyes are held back

with tears of pain

I know those eyes every time I look at my own

they’re just the same


Armor covers the hurt

on the outside

who could ever know the burden you bare

one look, one stare & that glimmer, that glare

reveals to me that I’ve been there


But your love is through those longing eyes,

The strength & mystery & magic shows

your spirit when you smile


I cry through my heart,

when I see your face; all I need

is to touch you, in love, that’s all that it will take

My heart breaks; right now, I can’t.

But I send you up in prayer to God, at least everyday.


To know you’re kept & favored

provides me peace and grace


You & I, we don’t cry that easily

I know who you are, the need to be strong- to be strong

this is the way life has lead me to be


In your tears, wiped away & held back

from a memory or two before

I learn what you’ve been made with

& it completes my destiny & my heartbeat

when I realize who for.


A, MR I speak you as you are

back to God who gave you to me

to BELIEVE & receive that He has always been & still is listening to me

Your pain, your fear that you never reveal

will have never existed, in each other’s presence

you & I, we will both be healed

I believe in love like this; When I see the world moving in love I think of you & every single moment of my life, you have been missed

A song in my ear plays & I imagine all that we will come to be,

your face, your existence, the thought of you

soothes my life, my love, your soul, your being is just that sweet


When I pray, I say “My Husband” though God already knows that

He gave me the prayer of you, just so I could pray you back. ****

Fall Fashion Inspiration

5 Nov

October 2013 067 Written by Veronica M. Benson for

Ve Michelle Writing Communications


Well no, this isn’t exactly a Pinterest board, (

but mine may look a lot like this and I’m just getting started there. Fashion, clothes and beauty have always been favorites of mine. I look at pictures of myself as a girl and I remember being so particular about my clothes. I would always comb my hair and gloss my lips just to sit around the house and be pretty. Even if I wasn’t going anywhere, I wanted to be ready just in case I was. There was a time when I missed a trip to Minnesota because I needed to wash my hair before I left.

Fashion has been my thing and I enjoy it most doing it on my own terms. Creating my own styles from other popular fashion trends.


Additionally, I’ve always had an interest for piecing together collages of pictures.

Some have been of food, clothing and artists. Food collages are inspired by my son. We’ll look through newspapers and magazines & spend hours cutting them out and pasting them to boards.  It is one of his dreams to become a chef. He likes good food and has already pictured himself running a 5-star restaurant.IMG-20130929-01344  


I believe that imagining, “picturing” and believing are for dreamers.*


Putting pictures of clothes and shoes, purses & accessories together are an effortless hobby of mine. Every young lady should know her style and flavor in fashion.


So that what she wears speaks volumes with who she is and who she just might be.

A fashion statement speaks for itself.*


 Besides, clothes are the little things in our dreams; All of the names, brands and more.



 The challenge is figuring out what your big dreams are, the thing that will require you to be dressed to impress. 

The good part about dreams is that it doesn’t matter if you arrive at them fashionably late. As long as you get there*


Photography by Veronica M. Benson