Fall Fashion Inspiration

5 Nov

October 2013 067 Written by Veronica M. Benson for

Ve Michelle Writing Communications


Well no, this isn’t exactly a Pinterest board, (www.pinterest.com/vemichelle)

but mine may look a lot like this and I’m just getting started there. Fashion, clothes and beauty have always been favorites of mine. I look at pictures of myself as a girl and I remember being so particular about my clothes. I would always comb my hair and gloss my lips just to sit around the house and be pretty. Even if I wasn’t going anywhere, I wanted to be ready just in case I was. There was a time when I missed a trip to Minnesota because I needed to wash my hair before I left.

Fashion has been my thing and I enjoy it most doing it on my own terms. Creating my own styles from other popular fashion trends.


Additionally, I’ve always had an interest for piecing together collages of pictures.

Some have been of food, clothing and artists. Food collages are inspired by my son. We’ll look through newspapers and magazines & spend hours cutting them out and pasting them to boards.  It is one of his dreams to become a chef. He likes good food and has already pictured himself running a 5-star restaurant.IMG-20130929-01344  


I believe that imagining, “picturing” and believing are for dreamers.*


Putting pictures of clothes and shoes, purses & accessories together are an effortless hobby of mine. Every young lady should know her style and flavor in fashion.


So that what she wears speaks volumes with who she is and who she just might be.

A fashion statement speaks for itself.*


 Besides, clothes are the little things in our dreams; All of the names, brands and more.



 The challenge is figuring out what your big dreams are, the thing that will require you to be dressed to impress. 

The good part about dreams is that it doesn’t matter if you arrive at them fashionably late. As long as you get there*


Photography by Veronica M. Benson


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