19 Nov

By Veronica M. Benson for Ve Michelle Writing Communications  © 2013


Your eyes are held back

with tears of pain

I know those eyes every time I look at my own

they’re just the same


Armor covers the hurt

on the outside

who could ever know the burden you bare

one look, one stare & that glimmer, that glare

reveals to me that I’ve been there


But your love is through those longing eyes,

The strength & mystery & magic shows

your spirit when you smile


I cry through my heart,

when I see your face; all I need

is to touch you, in love, that’s all that it will take

My heart breaks; right now, I can’t.

But I send you up in prayer to God, at least everyday.


To know you’re kept & favored

provides me peace and grace


You & I, we don’t cry that easily

I know who you are, the need to be strong- to be strong

this is the way life has lead me to be


In your tears, wiped away & held back

from a memory or two before

I learn what you’ve been made with

& it completes my destiny & my heartbeat

when I realize who for.


A, MR I speak you as you are

back to God who gave you to me

to BELIEVE & receive that He has always been & still is listening to me

Your pain, your fear that you never reveal

will have never existed, in each other’s presence

you & I, we will both be healed

I believe in love like this; When I see the world moving in love I think of you & every single moment of my life, you have been missed

A song in my ear plays & I imagine all that we will come to be,

your face, your existence, the thought of you

soothes my life, my love, your soul, your being is just that sweet


When I pray, I say “My Husband” though God already knows that

He gave me the prayer of you, just so I could pray you back. ****


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