Ready for the Holidays!

5 Dec



I found things from my Christmas list as well as Christmas decor all in the same places.

World Market being a favorite store of mine, they have a lot of vintage and memorabilia and collector’s items as well.

I also stopped by Target which is not at all unusual.  I shop at Target regularly, all year long, but then again, who doesn’t?

If you are looking for Christmas decorations, do not leave out some of the well maintained dollar stores, like Family Dollar & DollarTree. I have decoration from previous years that I’ve been able to store away after holidays over the years. You’ll be surprised.  I’ve also seen lower priced Christmas lights and decorations in Family Dollar.

When you have time to eye-buy and window shop before you make any purchases, take notes to remember where you saw something that caught your eye. Or better yet, take pictures!

While Wal Mart is not the store that I run to or is first on my mind when shopping, they have a variety of sections where you can do more than one type of shopping at a time. They are good for having movie classics, even if you have to do a little bit of digging and searching. I’ve also taken notice of some of their interior home decorations and styles.

Holiday shopping is fun because you are not doing it everyday or every time you go to the store. You can choose certain stores to focus on for shopping or you can go in and out of different stores to see if you’ll find something new and unexpected.  If you’re into savings and bargains this kind of shopping is usually for you.

Never cancel out shopping at stores because of what you expect the prices to be. Whether you only expect higher price tags or ones with lower prices, you’ll never know what you might find!


Some of my favorite stores for holiday shopping:

> Walgreens/CVS

> Sears

> Water Tower Place

> Macy’s

> Crate & Barrel

> World Market

> Target

> DollarTree

> Home depot

You can always call and look online at stores to save you from making extra trips. Even though it seems like you’ll be able to make the store magically have what you want by appearing in person, after they’re out of the product you’re looking for, you can’t, not every time and you’ll be glad to have taken advantage of these resources. Have fun! Remember holiday shopping is supposed to be fun.

Here’s to happy holiday shopping!










Veronica M. Benson for Ve Michelle Writing Communications © 2013

Photography by Veronica M. Benson


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