Poetry: Love Conquers All

27 Feb

Love Conquers All

By Veronica M. Benson & Ronald Williams


Everyday I awake, my enemies move, breathe, be

Silently trying to destroy me, smiling and unreal to the world who doesn’t see

them for what they are

I await their fall

My heart filled with an unfailing love

I know my victory, because love conquers all


My strength is not for me but for everything that comes from me

that I love,

I carry it always, inside of me like the heartbeat of my only son,

They watch me in the distance

to keep me in their sight & to keep record of my ways

I feel their eyes and turn away

while keeping count on the last of their days

I know who I am and everything that is mine

God gives me power, more of it, each day the sun shines.

My enemies study me, try to imitate and rehearse me

then try to remember my words of victory to repeat them to me, so that they don’t receive their

God given curse from me.


A quiet storm I remain,

how long can I be calm?  David fought and asked for his enemies, his son became a righteous King

I love what I love, unchanging,, stronger it becomes

because love conquers all


One heart now beats as two, The struggles of life have taken there toll

But one thing is certain- this I recall,

love conquers all!


Just as Spring brings back to life, That which winter has killed,

Everything is alive!


Buzzing, chirping, having, Love conquers all!

At times feeling fearful, but never despair;

Having fallen but as always looking up, always standing tall.

I remembered- love conquers all!


Having made it through, Sunny days are in my sight,

Overpowering faith- as mountain tall.

I remembered- LOVE CONQUERS ALL!



(c)  2014






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