Love You!

13 Mar

1 Corinthians 13:13

“And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.”


Ladies, why worry about a man that’s come and gone? Why hang on to a man that has come and want to go? Why try to believe better in a man that has showed you his true self but it’s hard for you to let go because of his status? Why argue, stress and frustrate your life and the lives of your children keeping a man around that doesn’t want to be. We often believe that men we’ve had or have been with have something special of ours.

We tend to let ourselves believe that men we’ve been emotionally, mentally, physically and sexually involved with leaves us with something that belongs to us, when we are no longer involved with them. We can easily fall into a state of mind that they’ve taken away from us.

There is a lot more to women than our bodies that men see, when you have something shining from the inside out. When we wonder why men come into our lives and leave for whatever reason. When you know you are a good woman, good mother, good person. Some men will try to get close enough just to see if they can take that away from you.

The good news to you is that, there is something about you that a man cannot sex away from you!
Isn’t that exciting?! It should very well be. I don’t mean that we should continually have sex believing that it will get us the relationships we want in the first place or keep a relationship together. I’ve learned some great things being celibate. Plus my knowledge and perspective I’ve gained from being in the company of male relatives.

Be careful of those who pose themselves in your lives as male friends and associates. A male friend, who genuinely wants to be a friend will be that and not cross those lines in fear of ruining that relationship and because of his respect for you. Anything differently is not a friend.

My point is that you have to know your worth. In mistakes, misjudgments and in every situation we may find ourselves in. Don’t take the bait of thinking that a man can take anything from you. You have to be strong for yourself and for your children. A boy child gets his strength from their mothers, how much more your daughters. You can’t raise strong children, being a victim. You are not anyone’s victim. We go through a lot, but we get through because there is more to us and more for us!

You are designed with your own power, no one can take it from you!!!


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