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Watch “Visual Poetry: My Son The King” on YouTube

30 Apr

Visual Poetry: My Son The King:

My son and me in a moment. 🙂

These are the things we believe!  It only works when you believe.

Visual Poetry: Single Motherhood

30 Apr



Poetry: LOVE

25 Apr

What I never saw as love

came and showed me love

All that I’ve labeled as love

came & didn’t stay, but called it love.


Love was there during a time

but now it is no more

It’s OK to say it’s love

If it was love once before?


Love should never be a passing by

Like there is no ending to the sky


If we’re in it, we’re there

unless we never are


Love, it does not expire

Love, only is or it isn’t.

It grows, never dies.


Love is, and then it takes you higher. *



Visual Poetry: Single Life

19 Apr


Poetry In Motion/Visual Poetry titled “Single Life”


16 Apr

A poem I wrote a few years ago, which is one of my favorite pieces today! Let me know what you think.



By Veronica M. Benson


My girlfriend was around the other day when me and the Mr. had a falling out,

She shook her head and said how things happened between us, worried her & confirmed her doubts,

When he left the room she said I didn’t have a real man,
Because he admitted that it was his fault
And no man ever does that… She thought

She said..” he never argues with you when you’re dressed up to go out,
He never complains about the things u wear
And never tries to fight with you when he comes home & you’re not there”

Can’t you see he does not love you..she said

Because if he did, he would be more upset about the things that you did

“Dinner dates with us, a party every now & then
Late hours at work, the amount of money you spend”

“Attracting another guy’s eyes;
I mean, I never see u covering up the things you do with lies”… She said

“Don’t you ever feel that he’s paying no attention or that he doesn’t care,
When you do those types of things and he don’t grab you by your neck, or drag u by your hair..”

“I can’t go down the street to the corner store, and my man not trip
Because he says he never wants me far, times you’ve seen me with a swollen lip”

“You come & go as you please,
When if he loved u like my man love me, he’d have you on a leash..” She said

I don’t want to seem like I’m bragging, I know it’s to each its own

And I have no business in what’s going on in your home

I just worry because he might be playing you,
Out with other women, betraying u

He don’t choose your clothes or bust your nose

Smack you in front of friends or squeeze your arm in the presence of other men..

“I wonder, how can you see this as love?” She said

I haven’t spoken to my girlfriend, after she said what she said,

Two weeks after this conversation, my girlfriend was found dead


16 Apr

By Veronica M. Benson

We persevere

We push on

We press on

To continue to hold on without letting go of

A love that I dreamt of & have come to know

It’s not ordinary

Our circumstances,

Are demanding

Hard to handle

And to love all at once….

But We Do.

Love On The Clouds

16 Apr

By Veronica M. Benson


You took me to another time

Another part of your life

A rare, unique side of your world

From the moment I stepped foot out of the car,

No one was there but you and me

Surrounded by the brightness of the sun

A fresh, strong wind, pure air

Your hand, big & strong in mine

No one was there

You and I walked toward the newness of embarking on new experiences

We were looking into each others eyes

When there was a sign across the sky

that showed this day was marked

for you and I.

That said we, us, you & me

Together, are always at the right place at the right time.

When I remember the first

day we met

I look right where we are

and think of a sweet sweet past

that we will never forget.

This one day was different

we were so far away

from anything that could oppose us

or have opinion

The whole earth belonged only two us.

We walked on the water

danced on the moon

flew through the sky

made the grass & flowers

our bed

We listened to our love narrated

While God opened the book & read

Surprisingly, underneath all of our words

we found & said things that had never been said.


A Poem

9 Apr

By Caleb Anthony G. & Veronica M. Benson

If true love had a definition
I would say
Mine is the hole in my heart
that you filled & was empty
when you were missing

If true love had a definition

If there was a definition to love
Mine would be
My mother that loves & takes care of me

When I think about my life
I see & know that God loves me.

When I think about my life
I know that God cares & watches over me.

I am a woman
made especially special.
I love the love that’s inside of me
There is no greater feeling,
no greater love
than love unconditionally

I am a boy especially grateful


9 Apr

By Veronica M. Benson


My presence helps me to look forward to my future

I hate to hear of broken dreams

Getting to know you, while I get to know you

I see you and I pray to be able to mend what’s broken

We have been chosen

When I see you, I remember to know this


You’ve slid in, from one dream to the next.


You are apart of at least two things I don’t mind making a fool of myself for

I can’t help but keep them close

I don’t want anybody to see all of what I see. To know what I know.


When I see you, I let it all go.

We have to do this love in the open

We have been chosen

When I see you, while I forget what I am,

I remember to know it.


I remember.



It can’t hurt…

9 Apr

It can’t hurt, if you don’t let it
It can help if you find different ways to look at it

The greatest friend or company to ever be known,
you find, when you find yourself alone.

By Veronica M. Benson