Love On The Clouds

16 Apr

By Veronica M. Benson


You took me to another time

Another part of your life

A rare, unique side of your world

From the moment I stepped foot out of the car,

No one was there but you and me

Surrounded by the brightness of the sun

A fresh, strong wind, pure air

Your hand, big & strong in mine

No one was there

You and I walked toward the newness of embarking on new experiences

We were looking into each others eyes

When there was a sign across the sky

that showed this day was marked

for you and I.

That said we, us, you & me

Together, are always at the right place at the right time.

When I remember the first

day we met

I look right where we are

and think of a sweet sweet past

that we will never forget.

This one day was different

we were so far away

from anything that could oppose us

or have opinion

The whole earth belonged only two us.

We walked on the water

danced on the moon

flew through the sky

made the grass & flowers

our bed

We listened to our love narrated

While God opened the book & read

Surprisingly, underneath all of our words

we found & said things that had never been said.



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