Brand New To The Dating Scene

17 May

By Veronica M. Benson






After last year, I decided that I wouldn’t keep record of the years I had been single anymore. I had felt like I’d accomplished something, lots even, during my intended target goal of one year that turned into more. 

So now, brand new to the dating scene I have experienced a lot from my time in being single that has prepared me. I’m new to the dating scene because I’ve never really dated. Out of the relationships I’ve been in, I knew those people from school. Meeting people for a first time and actually pursuing more is an ideal experience for me. Even though some of my encounters in that area have been mostly nothing short of entertaining. Really. I can’t believe the way some people behave and think. It can really get comedy show ridiculous.  They didn’t turn me away from the dating game though. Just the same it’s not something I have on my To Do list. I just let it happen naturally. I laugh at the clowns and continue on my way. I just wish someone would have warned me.

People that you know over the years can actually fall into a state of familiarity, entitlement and comfort because of the thought that they already know you. Making it a more difficult time to really get to know you. So you don’t escape the reality and the complexity of dating taking that route either.

I realized that dating was something I’d never taken serious thought of over the years. My answer was simply “I don’t date.” Not that I was missing something before, but I do see the advantages of being open to meeting and learning someone new. I also have to give recognition to the single women who has accepted dating as a part of their lives and have been doing it for years. For “Single Mothers” my answer stays the same. Should or should you allow people you date to meet your children? NO. Some would have a different opinion about this, but there is no need for your children to meet every person you date just because you’re excited about them right now. You have to know it’s for sure. That this person is the one. We may meet and date several people, but there is still just one we’ll end up with. 

With that being said, new to the dating life and all, as of May 25th this year, I am still proud and happy to be a single woman! For 5 years now.
Just for the record. 



2 Responses to “Brand New To The Dating Scene”

  1. thenarcissistwrites May 17, 2014 at 10:37 pm #

    I was distracted by the pictures of food, it all looks delicious 😀 Anyway, good luck dating!

  2. demezw May 18, 2014 at 9:15 am #

    This is really cool and I think it’s representative of a lot of the people in our generation; not just women. Dating when done right does a lot for us. Thanks for sharing this!

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