Beauty Consulting: Not Just For Women

20 May

By Veronica M. Benson


(In this photo is a picture of my Trainer Marques, getting a facial done by me! Looking good!)

I can imagine that most men would feel uncomfortable being approached by a Beauty Consultant. The word “Beauty” sounds as if it’s something only for women. A lot of men are surprised to learn that they to are due for some professional skin care consulting, but not just from anywhere; So I am glad to help!

As a professional Beauty & Skin care Consultant it is my mission to educate those who are willing to learn a better way of cleansing and maintaining good looking skin on a daily basis. Both men and women.

You don’t need a specific type of skin to get skin care consulting from me. I have a variety of products for all skin types. 

If you would like to know more about what I do and if you’re interested in a complimentary facial, consulting or makeover email me at

Location doesn’t matter. đŸ™‚

To find out more about products and information visit my Independent Beauty Consultant Website at:



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