14 Jun

This is a different kind of piece written by me. It’s a product of various elements of observation, made alive in writing.
A unique approach of information & education. More for the open-minded for interpretive art.

By Veronica M. Benson

The heart is broken

My vagina still works

I’ll use it to soothe every part of my life

That niggas try to hurt

Never been sick or diseased

I love to give it to different men to please

It’s never been hurt

I’ll give it away even though I know it’s worth

For everything that a man can say he think he owns of me or claims

I’ll fuck my future up with it, a single woman I’ll remain

I always thought love, was for the heart

But now that I’ve found love in the walls of my vagina, I know that it’s not.

I love what I can do without a man

Use them for their penis

And never have to give them my hand in marriage.

I can create my own family, through my own vagina, carry and deliver

My own babies, never needing a daddy.

I’m starting to love what I can do all by myself.
When a nigga tells me nothing
They always end up seeing something
Or wondering

I hate to be controlled
it only makes me lose control
When a nigga thinks he knows my life
But can’t focus his own two eyes
On his own. Too old to be anything but grown
He’ll watch those who are close
Live and die
Trying to keep me from what I’m destined to

While he’s keeping number on my days
He won’t and can’t keep me from opening my legs

To receive the love due to me by other men.

I found love for real
And I love how it feels

When a different love comes to me, comes inside of me with his love
I know it’s sent to me directly from above.

I found love, I’ve never had before
Now that I have it, I’m never letting go.

No payment needed, I love the look on their faces
From the pleasure I give them
That brings them back for more

Once gone, no heartache here
My love moves on.

My love is safe and strong
For those who come hoping to stay
I send them home, on to where they belong.

My vagina is my vengeance
For those who stay close to me
Trying to keep me from my own life
Pussy can’t be controlled
And you can’t keep it from it’s own hole
That men love to fall in
And they do

I’m my own woman
I can put together or destroy from my vagina
A man never knowing nothing
Claiming he’s loving me
But only trying to be in the way of me giving away
What was never his in the first place

Just because he fell in love


I never told you to
And my future may have been discussed a time or two
But you already knew
It would never be with you

Since I can have my cake and eat it too.

Men love to be caught
Between these walls
face forward or just long enough until they’ve ruined it all, their families and my vagina
(those are their thoughts)
A man’s small mindedness is so cheap
They’re a fool to be bought
Fools to their true downfall
So powerful of a tool
That falls and can only stay hard long enough to destruct
They love to fuck
In between these walls

They come to me
And I want to give them it all
If this pussy could walk

It talks
It tells them
They can enjoy it for a while
My husband’s coming no time soon

And there’s enough room
For Him and them too
All at the same time
This pussy loves every man that is mine
If he’s had a taste
I guarantee and seen he aint been right since

I feel bad when they catch feelings
And wanna make a home,
With me, this pussy has to be free
You have to leave this BITCH how you found her
Single as can be
Oh no this pussy can’t stay long
This pussy likes to roam

There is power we say, we come to know
I love my power in pleasing
And letting one nigga go
I like variety
They come in all sizes, from different places
The broke niggas talk like ballers
And the rich niggas don’t get any smaller
They have it all

But they need something
they can’t find comfort but in pussy
Not even in their money

This pussy can’t be paid to stay
Give me a ring and a promise
A beautiful wedding day
Will not keep me
From seeking to fulfill
What one man cannot or ever will

Pussy will drive a nigga right out of his mind
If he let it
And you can probably bet it
he will.

This vagina of mine is a thrill
But I know it has power to kill

I found love in knowing
I never have to love
To give men my love

A kiss, a hug,
You can think its love,
If you want to
But it doesn’t matter what you think of you,
One man will never do.

I found love.

And I must find it again
I’m walking around out here
And all I see is men
My eyes closed, blind before
To what was in front of me
Now I can’t keep from wanting
So much more
For my pussy

I can make one happy
And hurt another
I never told them to fall in love with her.

Finding love is not what everyone thinks
To find one person then to be so quick
To call it life
Thinking because of a title, your entitled
At night you lay down beside her
Thinking everything is alright
Not caring what’s on your wife’s pussy/mind at night.

I found love.

And I know that it’s in more
Women want time and space
Variety of men
We want more
Some things we can’t buy from a shopping mall store
What else is there to do when money is plentiful
But look for better men to fuck
Just the same when there isn’t enough
Don’t wanna hear no preaching about if it’s sin
To have as many men, as I’ve seen niggas can
With women
Can any nigga tell me I’m wrong
when I learned this from men
They’ve been doing it all along

Come to think of it
Men want women
Virgin and untouched
Our value does not decrease because of a fuck

Whose powerful enough to think dick as such?
It goes up, even faster it’s back down
It’s no secret that it goes from one place to the next
It doesn’t stay around

Can’t nobody tell me about the love that I found.

I thought I been in it, at it, out of it,
But now that I’ve got it
I know there is nothing like it

I’ve found love.

(c) 2014

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