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27 Aug

The Queen Has Left Her Throne
By Veronica M. Benson

The Queen has left her throne
She’s left her royal place in her home
As she walked away in her royal gown
She threw both her loyalty & crown
Carpets rolled out before her to cover the ground

She’s removed herself from her seat in the palace
No more big feasts, fine drinks & private islands

The Queen has moved on,
To start the rest of her life, in the land
In the hands of whom she belongs

She usually offers love
After many moments of being mistreated, beaten & tossed
Like a royal rug

The Queen has left her throne.

No need to discuss her dismissal
Your enemy, is the one who used to serve you & kiss you.

If you’re in town
And watching the sun go down…..

Drive-by the palace gates
There’s no company nowadays
Oh how things have changed
Since the Queen has left her royal place
The King is not willing to show his face.

If only the walls could speak
Of how it is to live royally
It’d make every fairy-tale dreamer,
Stop and think.

She considered the crowds & Kingdom before she left;
As they all stood in tears, shock & disbelief to learn what’s next.

The Queen is long gone
Not to be recognized by the life she has once known.

All the bondage & burden she once kept hidden….
She’s flown away & is free from
She’s gotten rid of it

The Queen has moved from the prison
And now rests forever in the palace of the heart of her King.

I would know. How could I know?
Because the Queen, is destined to one day be

National Girlfriend’s Day!

2 Aug

August is the month of my birthday, so along with celebrating my birthday I’m celebrating some of the other national days that are being recognized throughout the month!

Today is National Girlfriend’s day!

Happy National Girlfriend’s Day!!!!