10 Sep

Preparation is an important season in your life. June 2014 022

By Veronica M. Benson
Writer/Freelance Journalist

> Preparation requires “being still.” Sometimes when you prefer not to.

> Preparation requires pursuing & seeking God. Getting direction from Him.

> Sometimes what you want to do is not the thing you will be doing when getting prepared.

> Preparation requires being well studied. In God’s Word & in your area of expertise. There is always more to learn.

> Be true to who you are when getting prepared. Focus your eyes on you. Not others.

> God is with you in your season of preparation. Although some of the things that you may experience, can make you feel as if He is not. The bible says He disciplines those that He loves.

> Preparation takes patience. You’re getting prepared, but you’re waiting on God to elevate you. To take you to heights that no man ever could. To heights where no man can ever bring you down from. Promotion is from God.

> In preparation there are many tests. You won’t fail them all; but you will not pass them all either. (God is gracious & merciful) He wants you to know that. Make sure you try to see the lesson in them all.

> Each time you are knocked around, because it might feel like that at the time, get to a place where you can remember your faith & hold on to it when you have nothing else to hold on to. (Like, finding a rock in the middle of a raging sea.)

> In your preparation season, you may experience some feelings of being alone. That’s probably because you are. No one will understand what you are going through.
Even if you live in a house full of people that you call & call you family. That say I love you all day.

> Getting ready for God’s promise takes preparation. In getting you prepared, you have to be “alone.” (What God has for you, is for YOU!) Not her, Not him, Not them. Jeremiah 12:1-5

> There is so much to learn in your season of preparation. Embrace it! Getting prepared is the most important thing that you can do, upon meeting your DESTINY!

> Keep a journal, a notebook or something to document the days of your journey. No matter how long it takes, each day of life is a gift & a blessing. Everyday counts when you know you’re going somewhere. Even while you be still.

> Encourage yourself. Make everything around you right now, work on your behalf. For inspiration & encouragement in your day to day life. From the music you choose, to the things you read on social media & those things you invest your time and money into. Let it be for your growth & self empowerment.

> I’ve heard before that “those who get prepared, get paid.”

> Get over loneliness. You’re going to the top! And you know how they say it’s lonely there. How will you deal with it then? YOU are enough. You have to be enough most of the times. When you look around and all you see is you, don’t be discouraged. Use that time & space to pour into yourself. With prayer, reading & everything that fills you with the right fuel for spiritual growth. I guarantee if you have other people around you, like children they will benefit from your spiritual development.

> I’ve heard & witnessed that God always sends someone. Even if He comes Himself. So that you’re never really alone.

> In your season of preparation, make sure that you are getting PREPARED!


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