Conversations with my son

19 Sep

June 2014 001

June 2014 028

Walking around our neighborhood before reaching home, my son spotted a donation box. Those big blue or green boxes placed throughout the city that accepts donations of clothing and shoes. I see them so often that I didn’t realize we had one so close to our house. He says “look there goes one of those boxes,” and asked me if I remember them.

We had given away & donated so much stuff in our old neighborhood in the West Loop. That was a few years ago, so I was surprised that he remembered it so vividly. He then says “I can bring my old shoes, the Converse(s) that I can’t wear anymore to put in there.” That made me smile to myself. Just thinking how exposure and talking to children about doing good things can stay in their memories just as well as the lyrics to all of the violent and degrading rap music with catchy hooks that could make those of us who know better, sing-a-long to it.

This was a conversation that either bought up the question or that had stemmed from the topic of him asking me. “Who created God?” Which is a great question! I only hoped to provide just as good of an answer. Before having to read the book of Genesis in the Bible to him. By the end of our discussion, part 1 of it at least, he understood that God is the Beginning of everything. The First of all.

Conversations with my son make me feel there is hope. The bible says “Train a child in the way he SHOULD go.” When a child is not trained, it will take form of and like a sponge soak up everything that is around him, without having direction. When children are being exposed to all kinds of negativity & indecency, but have positive influence and is being pointed down the right path, it can have a greater impact and outweigh the negatives. But they have to be trained. Training involves a lot of repetition, patience and love.

It gives me hope knowing that I’m not fighting a losing battle. Having my son read the bible on his Ipad, opposed to playing games all the time. Listening to Smokie Norful’s gospel music on his radio in the background while he’s brushing his teeth and while bathing. Constantly talking about God. Which I realize it’s something that people get tired of. Coming up with new and interesting ways to help my son discover new knowledge is something I don’t mind. Despite the latest dance craze, trap song or rap battle. All that is popular in the youth’s culture today.

Talking to children is the best kind of education, if parents talk to them the right way and about the right things. I absolutely enjoy talking to my son. It’s communication, an exchange of information & education. Children are learning it’s true, but they are the most honest and intelligent people to engage with.

The best insight on parenting I can share in dealing with children, is to keep an open heart and mind. See your role as a parent, under God. Most importantly instead of seeing the person as a child, see the child as a person.

Children look up to parents as everything. Including, as teachers.


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