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In All Things Give Thanks!

29 Nov

Im feeling so thankful that God keeps guiding me. Helping me to accept things I wouldnt normally accept with differences in people. If I let my emotions rule me, it could be hurtful, but sometimes you have to learn those things that are hard to learn. Especially as it pertains to relatives & friends. I’m  glad that He’s finally making clear that this journey I’ve been on is mine alone.  Nobody else but mine. As scary as that might seem, I know that I’m ready & that He’s been preparing me. If He says I’m ready now, then I’m ready now.

Others can’t help me be ready, and I can’t put them in my shoes.

I feel I’ve been learning some very important lessons and information that I’m always taking notes on.

The most important one is: I have to be sure of my personal relationship with God because that’s the first place people or enemies will try to attack you at to make you doubt yourself and your relationship with God. To try & get you to be  and do what they want you too.

2nd Is: Be careful who you socialize with. “Do not be equally yoked with unbelievers….” With those who don’t believe what you believe, those who don’t want to see you with nothing & believe you don’t deserve anything. Family, friends, it can be anyone.

3rd: Don’t be blind because of titles. Be aware.

4th: A sure way to knowing somebody is wrong, is when they want to try & put their hands on you or try to cause you physical harm when they disagree with something about you. This could also be classified as hating.The bible says don’t communicate with fools, because they will try to make you out to be what they are.

5th: People that you aren’t friends with on Facebook are still watching your page. For information or to see which post you’ve posted sounds like you’re talking about them. Like this one.

6th: People are all sympathetic and sorrowful when they’ve discovered you’ve went through a very difficult time, but as soon as they see you getting stronger  when you should have been broken, they realize that God is taking you somewhere and they can’t go, they forget you were hurt and think of themselves in your life. The victorious part of your life. Not the painful struggle.

7th: Some things are hard to learn. But must be learned. When you trust God for protection, He will protect you, but those things that you’ve prayed for are being answered, even if it’s not what you expected to happen. You can’t jeopardize your blessing to make others happy.

I’m thankful for every lesson.

Happy Halloween 2014

1 Nov


Happy Halloween 2014, from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Raphael & April 0’Neil from Channel 6 News!