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Do You “Like” Me Or Nah?

27 Dec


At some point in my life I realized to myself, “You have to accept that you will not be liked,” all the while having love in my heart. As much as a loving person I am, it was hard to accept. Not being liked. I started to see in my early adult years that there is nothing I can do to satisfy and make people happy. Even if I tried. “No matter what, people are not going to like you,” I thought. Now, that’s perfectly fine. People’s dislike doesn’t change your love to hate. Ultimately it’s better to have your enemies witness the favor of God in your life, than to allow hate in your heart to wish any bad on them.

People can tell you all day that they like you & not like you.

Like & love is different.

Everybody wants love.

When you are chosen for a special purpose, you learn that no matter what you do, you won’t always be liked.

But those that genuinely, undoubtfuly love you will want and wish you the best without wavering.

They’ll be happy for you without considering if there’s something in your blessing for them. *
As a matter of fact they will already know what God has for you is only for you.

In being disliked, those that you serve or help could very well not like you. People might even hate you, for no reason at all or because they think they have a reason to. Whatever they feel does not determine your work. Your purpose. Your dreams. Your life.

People often make judgments without knowing the details, the pain, the struggle, the fight, the tears, the suffering, the heartache  (and it does ache), the days, months, years you’ve been hurting. They wouldn’t care or believe it, once you got to your blessing if you told them that the pain was every single day for 3 years. Every single day, 3 years. They’d be trying to figure out what’s hurting. Where was the pain at? As if it’s one kind of pain. It’s everywhere! My everything & everywhere is hurt. It’s physical pain, it’s emotional pain, it’s spiritual pain because you know God loves, but this……, it’s everything. If i gave you the details of everything, you wouldn’t believe it. Because it sounds crazy. Crazy enough to  where I  know the only one it makes sense to is God. Because it sounds crazy to me too.

People don’t have a problem with thinking you’re crazy either. They would love to think that something is wrong with you before trying to understand that maybe, just maybe you could be actually experiencing everything you’re trying to express × 10.

When you’re standing in all the goodness that God had planned for you, from the moment he thought of you, and the time you entered the world to the reason he named you “Veronica” people don’t care about your journey there. All they know is they don’t like you. Whoever you are, all of sudden, or because “you’ve changed.” Of course I have, don’t be upset that you don’t recognize me. Change is the only way that I can get there.  Otherwise I’d be still where I was before I changed and I was just “Veronica.”

There is no time to worry about being liked. I never really liked being “liked ” in the first place. Like is too finicky. The most likeable people are disliked. So you can’t win there. But I love LOVE. It’s different. Let me know when you get it.

Or otherwise like it has been said “love me or leave me alone”

I believe in love. Love is powerful. Love is what changes the world. Throughout my hardships I cling to love & can’t stop thanking God enough that he sent me his consistent, unconditional love through a human being to have here to walk beside me every single step of the way. Most importantly is that God knew I wouldn’t make it alone. I know that if I was living just for me, I would have given up a long time ago. That’s why the devil wanted to take my son from me. He lost. He then sends the same man back to me to use to say “Kill Yourself.” I wouldn’t know where to begin. God had loved on me so much alone before my son was born, during my pregnancy and after he was born to make sure that I first loved me, to give all of that love and more to my son. Thats how much I love me. Being called “mommy”, just sets fire inside of me. A warm cozy fire because of my son and a great Chicago fire for others…… It’s a natural instinct. Being called “mommy” changed my whole world. You never know what you are capable of until you are someone’s mother.

All of the miracles I’ve been a part of, witnessed and believe in is because of love. “Like” doesn’t move me. It doesn’t phase me either. You can’t do nothing with it. Thats why I don’t get excited about or worry about “likes” on social media. A like on FB can mean so many things. And if it’s about numbers and popularity…. I’ve never been popular, noticed sometimes but it never has stopped me from succeeding and shining either way. If it’s about numbers, thousands, millions or more will one day “like” my posts. That’s not what excites me. People pleasing does not excite me.

If being true to who I am warrants dislike, then that’s just how it has to be.

Through my eyes I see lost souls, broken hearts, weary spirits and in my heart I know that God gave me my perspective and put it inside of me to do something about it. Which is why it has my attention. Even though I’m hurting. What’s the point of my pain. To help, to save, to heal, to do something. And not just a little something. But a complete change. A shift.

Like doesn’t change anything.

What do I look like worrying about being liked, as much I go through.

As tired as I am. I have to get through this. To get renewed strength, to work.

I don’t have time for that.

Once I get there and it’s final that you don’t like me for whatever reason, I’ll just get you a good pair of sunglasses to cover your eyes so that my shine don’t blind you, because I surely can’t turn it down and I surely will not try to. It’s the anointing. It won’t go away.

Whether you like it or not.