Poetry: You Inspire Love

6 Jan

You Inspire Love
By Veronica M. Benson

A stolen moment in love can cover weeks full of pain
Imagine what could happen in a day
In your absence my heart cries, screams silently
In your presence my heart rests, wrapped around you
My tears won’t let me cry
My lips hate the kiss goodbye
There is no price that can pay for the learning
And the yearning, speaks a language
Life can’t seem to understand
Because it won’t lend its hand to help
My thoughts yell to be free
From the depths being closed up inside of me
From refusal, invalid approval
What demands more of you
Have already used you
Days and days full of restlessness
Eyes wide closed in sleep
And the hunger is too full to eat
The torment hidden under seconds in hours
Doers of darkness the biggest cowards
Nothing to fear but being afraid
The days past
At last
I run to your presence
And hold you first with my eyes
As long as I can before my
Hands they reach
A connect to your hand then there’s a sudden
An instant
If I could be guaranteed this one moment
Although through the wilderness, the jungle, the valley and the depths
I prepare for the war
Until there is this moment
Once More.


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