Poetry: You Need Not Watch Me

6 Jan

By Veronica M. Benson

Don’t keep looking around
Trying to figure me out

Trying to look at my face, just to investigate
What I’m eating and all that’s on my plate

I have no reactions for your distractions

I’m glad you’re all in my movie
But its literally “closed” caption

If it looks like I’m happy and that I’m making things happen
That I’m tapping into me
Unwrapping all the gifts put under my tree
Then you have clear vision, that’s exactly what I’m doing for me

But you better not get too tuned into my station
As it appears on your side of things I see slipping ratings

I’ve been patient Lord knows
I struggle in the area of waiting
But I took the test and it seems I aced it
Stood up to my fears and I faced them
The pain you served gave me the grain I needed to grow, thank you I’m grateful
It seems to me
That my life has the attention of my enemies
They have so much fun when they think their damage is done
And surely this time, unlike before, you are permanently destined to stay on the floor
Until they realize, you’ll remain “unbroken” and there’s more
Moments away from my destiny
What God has for me, is ALL FOR ME
My eyes on God and theirs on me
Although you haven’t seen nothing yet
I’ll tell you,
You Need Not Watch Me.

There’s a sweet abundance, inheritance being ushered right to me
I don’t say it’s “All For Me” selfishly but
When I see my struggle all I see is me
Once I’ve received what’s due to me
You’ll continue on living simply
Realizing you were on the wrong team
So I’ll say it to you again
In the midst of all of your schemes and plans
What God has for ME
Is all for ME


In the presence of my enemies I shall reap
In the presence of my enemies I will eat
In the presence of my enemies I will not face defeat
In the presence of my enemies I will become all that I’m meant to be.



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