Social Media Madness!

12 Jan

Since I decided to take a bit of a hiatus from some of the social media networks that keeps my attention focused to a screen instead of everything and more going on in my own life, I planned to make it so that my blog would be enough for now. Of course it’s enough, it’s more than enough. Am I a writer or am l? Yes, she is.

What’s better than having your own website building a diverse following from perfect strangers who take interest in your work? Nothing.

With all of the social media sites, I must have an account with every single one of them. Such as : Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, tumblr & Twitter to name a few.
Pinterest had become an important part of my life. I miss it the most.

I keep my social media pages tailored with all things me!

You can connect with me on Facebook at:
Instagram at: veronicaleb
Twitter: @vemichelleinc

Even if I’m not currently posting on them, you may run into some pretty interesting things. I love photography and can never post enough pictures.

Besides that, I’ll be back again on social media posting faithfully to my pages, hopefully with pretty exciting news for 2015! 😉

I’m always here at


When the To Do list never ends! I love it though.



My cute little girly post-it notes & notebooks.


Fashion Illustration is a must-have for me.

By Veronica M. Benson


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