14 Jan

By Veronica M. Benson

Unbroken movie 4

I hadn’t heard about this movie or hadn’t seen any trailers or advertisements to the movie “Unbroken” before my son mentioned that he wanted to see it. It was released Christmas day 2014.

When he said he wanted to see it, I couldn’t imagine what the movie was about. The first thing that came to mind was a Disney Pixar film. He described it and I had no idea about his choice of movie until I decided to Google it for myself.

Unbroken movie 3

To my surprise this movie was a complete 360 of his usual excitement for movies. I was excited to see that he recognized a good quality movie with no animation and a true real life story based on the life of Louis Zamperini. An Olympic Athlete and Prisoner of War.

This was a hard story to watch in some of the scenes. I was glad & humbled to be seeing a movie of this caliber with him. I explained to him some things he may have had a hard time understanding.

Unbroken movie 2

The movie followed well and there weren’t any long drawn out scenes trying to justify boring details to tell such an amazing story. The second directorial release from Producer & Director Angelina Jolie, it was no surprise that the movie gave a colorful and bone wrenching depiction of a real life hero.

At the end of the movie my son realized out loud saying “This story was about a real person?” So that made it even more worthwhile. That he can make the connection of seeing such a strong, brave and courageous human being who had suffered a long life of torture, torment and pain, and still be a hero. One of the lines in the movie that a younger Louis was taught while being coached by his older brother Pete was “If I can take it, I can make it.” Later in life Louis recalled this phrase while under the mistreatment of his captors in a Japanese prison camp. He reflected a lot on the times of his training with his brother and running in the Olympics. Even the times he didn’t win. Louis had no idea during his younger years that his running was preparing him for a much harder period in his life.
After watching this movie with my son, I knew exactly why it had caught the attention of his 8-year old eyes, heart and mind.

Unbroken movie 1

In 2011 my son who was then 5-years old ran with me in our first marathon which happens to be the marathon of all marathons. The Chicago 25K Marathon. Not only did we complete the race, but afterwards we walked 16 blocks from downtown Chicago to our West Loop apartment. Before the race, we had been outside running every day, so we were more than prepared for it.

At the end of the race my son received his very own medal. Which he wore proudly and that he still looks at hanging off the neck of his Superman bank on his desk.
There is something about racing and winning that does something to the spirit of man.

In life all of our races does not require physical running, but when you’ve ran physically before and have won and you can reflect back to that, you realize that there is nothing you can’t do.

Unbroken movie 9

To think of it, some of the best stories in the bible involves someone running. Running away from something or toward something.

Running is so much a part of my life that I don’t take time to relish in anything related to it other than a selfie in the mirror to see how my body is physically changing because of the workout. Since my son and I have finished the 25K I just look forward to continuing to run. I love the connection I get to the earth and God from it.

I love timing and the fact that everything I do relates to the life and times that me and my son have experienced together alone. Moments that have strengthened us and prepared us for our journey ahead.

In the movie before Louis had even began running, he was a troubled kid who didn’t believe in himself. It was because his brother told him that he believed in him that he took interest in running. And never stopped.

This story is reminiscent of some recent memories for my son and I. Memories that can’t be undone or rewritten. They’ll be close to us forever.

Unbroken movie 7

To be “Unbroken” means that no matter how people try to attack you, harm you, hurt you physically, emotionally, spiritually….they won’t succeed. The truth behind this story is that sometimes people want to kill you without physically having to do it themselves. They want to do just enough so that the pain is so great it causes death. After all that is done, a person survives and finds that they cannot be broken. You’ll rise back up or die. Because the spirit of God which lives in you cannot be killed, you’ll live.

A very powerful and inspirational movie to see.



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