Fun Date Ideas!

21 Jan



Since I’ve been single for so long now, 6 years in May. Due to my date life deprivation, I think about some of the things I want to do or that I think would be fun to do when I meet the spontaneous, adventure-filled, with no children might I add, man, who will dedicate his time, efforts and life to making dating a great experience.

Yasssss! I want the full dating, courting, pursuing and being showered with undivided attention and time experience. I want him to breathe, sleep and eat “What can I do for Veronica today?” 🙂 (Without being annoying and extra) That’s just me.

If he happens to be the man of my dreams that I’ve been waiting for all this time, I don’t want to know about it until I am fully courted. He has to be thoughtful in the things that he does. And genuine as well.

Here are some of the things I think would be fun to do for dates:

$ Model clothing or sexy lingerie for your date and ask him to take pictures of you. (He should also model, while you are the photographer) You can be creative in clothing selection and add some acting and posing to the pictures to bring the outfits to life. Have fun with this. (Use as many props as you want)

$ Interview each other to find out interesting information about your date. This should be fun and could be a good ice breaker for first dates scenarios.

$ Go to get massages together and take a trip hand-in-hand to the adult stores.

$ Give your date an hour long massage and polish her toenails. (You may as well polish her fingernails too!)

$ Play CD’s or Records for each other, ones that describe how you feel. Also music that’s fun to dance closely with your date to.

$ Game Night! Dress in your favorite team’s attire (Whoever team wins, the other caters to that person and does whatever is asked of them. (Without violating any restrictions)

$ Take a pottery class together and have your own romantic moment photographed (like the scene in the movie “Ghost”)

$ Go to an open mic event. Perform as a duet or solo artist with a piece in dedication of your date

$ Go on a shopping excursion/shopping spree with your date! If you have a limit, set it to a specific budget before time so you’ll know just where to go and live it up.

$ Take your date to be pampered for the entire day. For her to get a facial, her makeup done, hair, nails, shopping, dinner, entertainment and plus more if you want!

$ Go to a neighborhood carnival or to a major amusement park. The carnivals are smaller and can be more intimate. Be sure to ride the Ferris Wheel and for fun, reenact the scene from the movie “He Got Game” on the Ferris Wheel. (But not really) Take double-selfies of you and your date.

$ Go to a grape vineyard (search & make reservations) and make your wine by crushing the grapes with your feet. Both you and your date!

$ Go horseback riding or on a horse and carriage ride

$ Be brave and go for a Hot Air Balloon ride

$ Take a romantic getaway spontaneously or go on a stay-cation right in your own city.

$ Send flowers to your date earlier that day before you all go out

$ Have a cooking dinner competition with your date. Both of you prepare the same meal separately but in the same kitchen together. Whoever cooks the best, wins. You can decide between the two of you what the winner will get!

$ Go on a professional photo shoot

$ Visit an animal shelter to pet, feed and talk to lonely animals. This is a great idea, especially if your date is an animal lover.

$ Surprise your date with a maid to clean up for them for the day, YOU! (or hire one while you treat your date to some time out. Lunch, dinner, etc)

$ Take a dance class together and learn a routine. Perform it in front of an audience.

$ Have an at home movie night. Serve a variety of foods. Flirt talking permitted only! Build a dream/vision board together with your date. Take a vow to be supportive of each other with the dreams you have shared with them. (Dollar Tree, Michael’s, World Cost Market, Target or Walmart are places you can go to find cute little scrap booking what-nots to add to your vision board.)

(I’m working on vision boards with my son. On Pinterest and on cardboard poster boards. Dreams are meant to be shared with someone special.)

$ Have you ever given or received a promise ring? Have a date night where you and your date give each other “Ring Pop” promise rings. You create the promise between the two of you.

$ Give Valentine’s gifts even though it’s not Valentine’s Day. Use it as an example of how you want to make your date feel like it’s V-day everyday of the year.

$ Create a holiday between the two of you to celebrate your love. Celebrate it every year! (Or as often as you like, on various days throughout the year)

$ Take a painting and wine class

$ If your date has a child or children, plan a fun-filled day with and/or for the kids! Adults get to tag-a-long.

$ Plan a romantic night at home with your favorite foods, romantic music & decorations. Don’t forget the homemade chocolate covered strawberries & champagne.

$ If it’s time for your date to meet your family, hire chefs from your favorite restaurant(s) to cook in your home or family member’s home. Create a theme & dress attire (i.e black & white party) hire a DJ and make it a small, intimate family event.

$ Take your date to church with you to connect with them spiritually. It should be a good time.

$ If there is snow where you are take your date skiing, sledding, ice skating and build a snowman with them in the snow. Getting cozied up with hot chocolate afterwards will be fun.

$ Go skating & bowling with your date. Make sure you are better than them at both.

$ Have a dance contest with your date. The winner will receive a gift of their choice from the other person.

$ Depending on your date’s career path or interests do something thoughtful as it pertains to their life’s goals. (i.e: For a writer, one might give them a writer’s retreat for the weekend or a specified amount of time. It can be anywhere. A hotel, a coffee shop, a fixed room in their house, etc) Be sure to meet up with your date during break times.

$ Have a game & food night with you & your date’s friends. Couples suggested.

$ If you’re not into tattoos, go & get temporary ones with your date.

$ Write letters to your date and mail them to their house or job.

$ Go to the gym together to workout, or take a Pilates/yoga class together.

$ Play/flirt with your date on social media (i.e. Facebook ). Be sure to tag them so they can respond back. (Likes or comments by others aren’t necessary to respond to. They’re just joining the

$ For your date’s birthday be sure to do something for them that is unexpected, sentimental and over-the-top, but within your budget. Birthdays are always special.

There are a lot of ways to come up with interesting things to do for dates! After all, dating is about having fun. So make sure you have fun with it.

Amazon local has a lot of great ideas for dates at the best prices. You can also check Groupon and other places that have deals for your dates.

$$$$ Happy Dating! $$$$


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