Goodbye January, Welcome Love!

31 Jan

Every New Year it seems like January being the first month of the year,  goes by very slowly. As soon as February gets here the rest of the year takes off.

Soon it will be Spring! Which is my get ready, get set season! To feel the way that I want just in time for the Summer! And as always I have a fun & adventurous Summer. Which happens to be my favorite season plus mine and my son’s birthdays are during the peaks of it in August & September; less than a month apart. (We are too special ).

Yes, I love the heat, which is why I stay in the kitchen! 😉

I’m so glad to say goodbye to this month and welcome February “The month of Love ” with open arms!!!!!

Also an entire month without my social media already. We’ll see how the rest of this year goes.


A picture of my son’s brunch today. Food selection requested by him,
after he had his breakfast early this morning. To me, good food is another way to say I LOVE YOU. The note below must be his response 🙂 ♥


A note he put in my mailbox today ♥



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