Poetry: My Heart

2 Feb

February is “The Month of Love” as well as ❤ Month (heart month).
This is a poem I wrote and was last edited on Valentine's Day in 2011.

I believe in visions and dreams. How can you plan for your future without knowing what's in store for your life. Even though we may not know the entire plans for our futures, I believe that you should get clues.

A lot of the things that I write comes from my dreams and aspirations that I've had since I was a little girl. I couldn't have made them up during that time and they're still with me now as an adult. I know that my dreams are real. Some of my poetry comes from the places that my dreams are.

My Heart.

2/14/2011 (edited)

I put it in your hands
And I’m giving you the
The opportunity for you
To handle with care

To hold and treat it like
Your everything
Your honesty, truth and
Dedication says much more
Than a ring

I ask nothing more than
When you come to bring
Your best
As long as you stand by me
You pass, there are no tests
My heart is with you
A pillow for your head to rest

Not for those who I pass
On a daily basis
Who see me in jeans and makeup
Who look for pretty faces

You know me as much more
Than a shape like the number 8
Than an exterior to anyone
That would looks great

Inside, you say is where
You’ve found your surprise
The key to your soul
Don’t speak, I believe your eyes

You’ve held my heart
Through whatever came my way

Now you’re holding my hand
Your word is your promise
You promise to stay

I’m like a school aged girl
Writing letters, poems
Literally Adding you as a chapter
To my book
I’m excited to write about
Love again
Look how long it took
The best collaboration yet
You write the verses
I’ll sing the hook

The words fill in my heart
My mind, I can’t write fast enough
You came like a thief in the night
I was about to give up on love
At least that kind

Life is moving
I felt like I was running out of time
The moment I stop worrying about

You came
And turned on the light.

No Sam and Mollie
But you mold clay
With me.
You’ll read and write, sit
Silently or pray with me
You choose your words carefully
Because I listen to the things
You say to me,
You hold me in your arms,
And say you’ll take your
Last breath before you’d walk
Away from me

I have no expectations
They’ve all been met
You say what you mean
You’re words behind your actions
Just a few steps
You’re the best secret that I have ever kept*

Whether we’re in the studio
Or a movie, swimming, or in the park
Even in the winter with the dogs
Or just for a walk

If a couple of days pass
And we don’t talk
The test of loyalty
I know you play your part
Before I even met you
I knew that you were royalty
I’m head over heels, don’t
Let go of me

“The Kind of Woman’ I am,
Was made for you
“Ever since I was born, I was trained
To serve you” J

All jokes aside, here’s what I need
You to do,
Take this gift, keep it,
Nothing else really matters

Once you’ve got my heart,
You’ve got all of me
Strong, confident, handsome
Talented, gifted, much
Taller than me

The chemistry was there just being
In the same room
Before you walked over to me
Integrity, proud, faithful, big ego
I knew you’d fall for me

And the rest, stuff I don’t
Have to mention, it’s
Already a given.

I’m good for business
Or in the kitchen
Work hard at what you’re good at
Those hands should never touch dishes
Tell me what you need, I’ll write the prescription

A songstress, a seamstress
When life tries to cut you open
I’m good for stitching

A writer, a word-stress
You read my verses
We can take it straight to
The stage
No need to rehearse this

Whatever you need, you’ll find
In me

There is one thing I require
One thing I ask
That you hold much higher
Priority to any other task
Carry it like it’s made of glass
Hold my heart dear to you
Its crystal clear to only you
No one is in it where you are, but you
You’ve made a home for it, it
Lives with you.*


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