Braxton Family Values

3 Feb

Braxtons 1

My favorite reality TV show in TV Land right now is the “Braxton Family Values”

How often do you see a reality show based around a family that appears to have a foundation built off of their belief in God? And how He, despite all that they go through is an important factor in their success, that they recognize and acknowledge to the world.

Even though I know some parts of reality TV are scripted, I like shows that portray positive images of family orientation.

My favorite of course is Tamar!

While she’s in the mix of 4 sisters with very different personalities, one including Toni Braxton, the superstar, she has managed to be true to herself and her dreams despite what her family expects of her. She does a good job of taking up for herself and is able to still be herself while doing so. Her mission it seems and it appears as it’s the way the show is leaning is that, her family will have to get over titles and positions to just at the end of the day, respect her. Reminds me so much of myself! 🙂

The best part of her Cinderella-like fairytale is that she never stopped believing in herself to reach her very recent success, as well as a couple of blessings and surprises at the same time on the way to her music success. At age 36. “Won’t He do it?”

While Tamar seems like her mouth only gets her in trouble with her family, the world views her in a different way. And it is without a doubt no matter how well she tries to present herself, that her sister Towanda is quite envious of her success.

I also love Toni Braxton and her work especially with her son who has autism. I’ve always been a fan of her music. You just never know how people really are until you get to see them in a different light. This show has shown maybe someone who is completely different in her than the person who appears on stage. The stuff people want to see. One of my favorite songs right now, as I’m writing this is “I ❤ You."

While each sister is their own character, they all add something to the overall show. Toni, Tamar, Trina, Towanda & Traci. Under the guidance of their spiritually encouraging parents.

I would say if I could find myself in any of the people on the show, I am mix of Tamar & Toni Braxton. Which one are you?

The Braxtons is a good show, compared to a lot of reality TV that is out in the world right now. It's something to laugh to, relate to and make you think of your own family's values.

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