Sheroes! (A Dollar Worth of Dimes)

10 Feb

Girls have to be their own heroes. Instead of depending on a prince to come and save her, she surrounds herself with friends that are destined to be princesses with or without a prince. (A dollar worth of dimes!) = 10 good friends!

What is a Shero?

S- Saves
H- herself
E- Every
R- Round
O- Of her battles

I always thought once I’m in a higher position in life, it would be good to be surrounded by at least 10 classy, educated, God-fearing, attractive, successful, beautiful, great-spirited, strong women! In other words ( A Dollar Worth Of Dimes) Women who know that sometimes a girl has got to be her own hero & save herself. A SHERO!!!

S- saves
H- herself
E- endlessly
R- regardless
O- of her enemies

S- Strong
H- Humble
E- Envied
R- Righteous
O- Obedient to


Are you a Shero?


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