My Favorite Apps: An App for Everything

22 Feb

I love apps and discovering there is just about, an app for everything. But which one to download?
All of them if necessary!

Some of my favorite things are diaries, wedding-planning (which may lead to a wedding planning career and/or being well prepared when it’s time for my big day and planning my own wedding. (If that day ever comes…. I’m a patient girl though). Event planning has always been something I’m great at and that I dazzle at the idea of. The list goes on, home designing, working out, bible reading…..Oh yes! Let us not be deceived , she loves the Lord. And the Lord loves Him some her. (She, as in me. lol) It’s very true! I believe for every aspect of my life that there is an app available to make my time staring into a tablet screen more worthwhile to my real life. Plus you get more out of your devices that way. I think so.

These are some of my favorite apps that I use on my tablet. What apps do you have that you would like to share?

Women's Bible Study app
Women’s Bible Study App

womans diary app 1
Women’s Diary: An app that helps you to keep track of your monthly as well if your interested, your most fertile times of the month for conception. I’m not sure how accurate it may be for the latter, because I don’t currently use it for that purpose. However I love calendars and thought it would be cute and girly to have one on hand just for my period.

womans diary app 2

WeddingWire App 1
WeddingWire: One of my many wedding apps. A great app used for wedding planning.

WeddingWire 2

Wedding Party App
A great way for everyone involved in the wedding to stay in touch!

Wedding Decoration App 2
Wedding Decoration: It pretty much says it all. Breathtaking ideas and views of wedding set-ups
Wedding Decoration App

Vision Board App 1
An app used for pasting pictures from your own gallery to build your very own vision board.

The Knot LookBook App
One of my favorite wedding books, so I just had to have the app

Receipts App logo
A great way to keep track of receipts. Which is something I love to do.

Pocket App
Pocket: A good way to save things you find online in one place

My Dream Home App 1
A catalog of pictures and ideas to help decorate your very own dream home!

my diary app
A diary is what every girl needs

Moment Diary App
Moment Diary: Another fun calendar to keep track of everything! You can add a picture to each entry.

Intuit Small Business Blog App
Business planning & help

Homestyler App
Homestyler: Everything “home”

Homestyler app 3

Homestyler app 2
Home design and interior decorating is everything right now. I look forward to picking out my very own dream home in the near future and making sure it is decorated exactly how we want.

Daily Prayer App
I love getting a quote or prayer every day

Business Plan App
To help with business planning ideas and more

30 Days Abs Toning App
A great inspirational app for getting on the floor and working on those abs


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