Poetry: Pay Away The Pain

18 Mar

By Veronica M. Benson

Pain 1
Pain 2

Are we expected to sit here
And be true to how we feel
While men run around wild and reckless

Thinking they can come back
Like they got it like that

With no regards
To the amount of pain he
Left on my heart

And deep down inside
No matter the level of pride
I know I want him in my life
But I lived a lot of days this way
So by now I’ll be OK

But since he’s
Trying to come back..
Well, he’s got to pay
That’s the truth of how I feel today

Upon his return
I want a ring for each finger that caught my heart before it hit the ground

For every stressful day I tried to hide
A dollar for every tear I cried

A car to drive away every bad memory
A shopping spree for every moment he was happy while he was hurting me

I want unlimited plans for hour long conversations I cried to my friends

A New pair of shoes every day, til I forget how he walked away

I want everything I can think of, til the things fill the void in my heart Then we can talk about being friends
That’s our fresh start.

The only real payment for pain in life is
Healing 1


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