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Visual Poetry: Self Love

30 Apr

It’s the last day of poetry month!

Although I will miss it, there will be much more poetry coming from me!

Here’s a poem I wrote about (Self Love) for Poetry Month.

Girl, you love yourself!

By Veronica Michelle


Girl, you love yourself and you know you do

You don’t sit waiting for someone to love you

With eyes on you

You keep doing you

They live their lies

You live your truth

You keep on shining

With jealous eyes behind you

You love yourself you know you do

Others will keep watch seeing how much you love you

They want it to be a man

They don’t understand

How they can’t break you down

Thinking they succeed in their plans

Girl, I love the way that you love you

And that special part of you

That you gave birth to

No one will ever love you better than you love you.

All of your strength, all of your love, all of your soul and your heart

Others will try to tear you apart

But you keep on doing what’s best for you

You are an individual, you are beautiful

The way you love yourself you know you do.

Girl, you are separated, set apart, to be elevated!

You’re going places

I see it on your heart and in your face

It’s true

I have never seen anyone in this world like you!


You love yourself I know you do

You keep on climbing

And keep loving you

This world is ready

And needs to see you.

True Colors!

20 Apr


I love the cover of the May issue of Glamour magazine!
It speaks for itself, the endless  possibilities of women of power.

Featuring Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) , The First Lady Michelle Obama and Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington). At first glance  those are the names that come to mind. And it’s like a dream come true to see your favorite film and television stars standing next to the First Lady. You just know it has to be something great!

It’s an interesting article.  The cause that the three of these women are standing up for is humbling and possibly often overlooked.

Grab a copy and read for yourself. The cover is definitely a collector’s edition anyways!


To Poetry, my first love!

4 Apr