Mother’s Day Everyday!

19 May

When my son was born my life changed immediately.
I could feel myself changing, while I was watching him grow. The person that I thought I would be for the rest of my life, opened up and blossomed to make room for two.

I knew that my life was about him. By me making it about my son, I discovered myself. I was given the blessing of being put in the highest position in life that I could ever be put in. Being a mother.

So everyday I am always in prayer about and on behalf of my son. I believe that God hears a praying mother. And that God is a God of justice.

When I hear and read a lot of stories about broken hearted mothers , I think, “I know how she feels,” and I wish they could know that even though your heart is broken God hasn’t forgotten you.

The spirit of Mother’s Day lives on pass the one day that we celebrate this month. I believe that every great mother is wrapped up in this eternal celebration.

Being able to hold my son, comfort him in my arms with peace and the unconditional love that I know God put inside of me for him, is the greatest human contact I’ve ever felt.

Everyday I feel grateful & I do my best to try and make sure that God knows I am thankful for being a mother of just a single person, my son. This has moved mountains in me.

Even though we are dealing with tough times. With God as the Father, I know we are not in difficult times to stay there. But for Him to move us on.

Everyday is Mother’s Day for me! And through it all, I can’t help but to celebrate!!!!









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